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  • Trump Tv

    Coming Soon, 'Mr. Prezident', the...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Trump Tv img01
  • the Rape Police

    Yes, consent really matters
    By Fraser Sherman

    the Rape Police img01
  • Ash Carter On Mosul

    Statement by Secretary of Defense Ash...
    By Guest Writer

    Ash Carter On Mosul img01
  • How to Ignore Hillary

    How a Democrat can ignore the horrific...
    By Miles Copeland

    How to Ignore Hillary img01
  • Trump Vs. Clinton?

    How supporters feel about the aliens,...
    By Guest Writer

    Trump Vs. Clinton? img01
  • Voight, Clinton, De Niro

    Jon Voight slams Hillary Clinton and...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Voight, Clinton, De Niro img01
  • Deplorables Remain Loyal

    Voters remain loyal to Trump in first...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Deplorables Remain Loyal img01
  • Donald Trump: Batman

    Ten reasons why Trump may actually be...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Donald Trump: Batman img01
  • You Are a Fanatic

    Thirteen signs that if you do these,...
    By John Sammon

    You Are a Fanatic img01
  • not a Protest Vote

    Don't be an idiot
    By Claude Morton

    not a Protest Vote img01
  • An Embarrassing Reality

    What (I think) the World Thinks of Trump
    By John Sammon

    An Embarrassing Reality img01
  • Monsanto As Anathema

    Their first product was, prophetically,...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Monsanto As Anathema img01
  • the Drama Of Betrayal

    It's All A Shell Game
    By Robert Cleveland

    the Drama Of Betrayal img01
  • Debate 2016?

    There Are Better Things To Do
    By Robert Cleveland

    Debate 2016? img01
  • Terror Engulfs America

    Foreign Policy Comes Home
    By Patrick Halliday

    Terror Engulfs America img01
  • Most Generous On Earth

    Bill Gates is again the richest person...
    By Guest Writer

    Most Generous On Earth img01
  • a Psychology Primer

    The system is flawed, incomplete and...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    a Psychology Primer img01
  • Tacos and Terror

    Why some people fear Latinos
    By Fraser Sherman

    Tacos and Terror img01
  • Hillary Blames Russia

    Putin has repeatedly said that Moscow...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Hillary Blames Russia img01
  • Democracy Pronounced Dead

    I dread the next four years.
    By John Sammon

    Democracy Pronounced Dead img01
  • Philosopher King

    Somehow forgotten by the media, a...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Philosopher King img01
  • the Box Made Of Rules

    Isn't it time to let women get out of...
    By Fraser Sherman

    the Box Made Of Rules img01
  • Culture Of Corruption

    The most corrupt administration that...
    By Robert Cleveland

    Culture Of Corruption img01
  • the Truth About Secrets

    What no one want's to say about secrecy...
    By Miles Copeland

    the Truth About Secrets img01
  • Clinton Blames Powell

    Colin Powell says Clinton trying to pin...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Clinton Blames Powell img01
  • All About Miles

    In response, here's the truth about...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    All About Miles img01
  • Smoke Without Fire

    Conservative feelings do not define...
    By Fraser Sherman

    Smoke Without Fire img01
  • U.s. a Brand Of F.P.

    The Good, Bad, Uglier It Can Get
    By Patrick Halliday

    U.s. a Brand Of F.P. img01
  • Alas, Helter-Skelter

    America as Babylon
    By J.B. Pravda

    Alas, Helter-Skelter img01
  • Listen Ted!

    I Felt Sorry for Ted Cruz
    By John Sammon

    Listen Ted! img01
  • That [a] Word Hushed

    May Heaven and Hell forbit it
    By J.B. Pravda

    That [a] Word Hushed img01
  • Freud and Trump

    Killing the Primal father
    By Alan Bourassa

    Freud and Trump img01
  • We Can not Keep Failing

    Fifteen years later we are paying the...
    By Charles Faddis

    We Can not Keep Failing img01
  • Hayden Presidential Vote

    Former NSA head Hayden: I may not vote...
    By Guest Writer

    Hayden Presidential Vote img01
  • the Donald Folds

    Better to be a quitter than the biggest...
    By Phil Lebovits

    the Donald Folds img01
  • Hillary's $400M Iran Pymt

    Trump attacks Clinton over $400 million...
    By Guest Writer

    Hillary's $400M Iran Pymt img01
  • Americans Lose It

    Defrauding The Republic
    By Patrick Halliday

    Americans Lose It img01
  • the Next President

    May God help our children.
    By Robert Cleveland

    the Next President img01
  • Us Air Strike In Libya

    At the request of the Libyan Government
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Us Air Strike In Libya img01
  • Blm Activist Stung

    Seven counts of felony human trafficking...
    By Jason Aardiman

    Blm Activist Stung img01
  • the Reframing Delusion

    Republican voters know what they're...
    By Fraser Sherman

    the Reframing Delusion img01
  • Al Qaeda In Iran: Again!

    The U.S. Treasury fingers Al Qaeda...
    By Charles Faddis

    Al Qaeda In Iran: Again! img01
  • Locked Up With Nukes

    Erdogan locks US airmen, nuclear arms in...
    By Wire Service

    Locked Up With Nukes img01
  • Constitutional Contempt

    Its the Immigration Problem, Stupid
    By Michael Cutler

    Constitutional Contempt img01
  • the Bodies Pile Up

    Can we try not shooting either side?
    By Fraser Sherman

    the Bodies Pile Up img01
  • Immigration and Terror

    How our leaders are spawning catastrophe
    By Michael Cutler

    Immigration and Terror img01
  • a Look Back at Policing

    I wrote this piece about police...
    By John Sammon

    a Look Back at Policing img01
  • Iraq Targeting Us Troops

    Iraqi cleric says new US troops a target...
    By Jason Aardiman

    Iraq Targeting Us Troops img01
  • This War is not Over

    It is just beginning.
    By Charles Faddis

    This War is not Over img01
  • Saudi 41 Year Debt Secret

    Do-or-die deal that reshaped US.-Saudi...
    By Jason Aardiman

    Saudi 41 Year Debt Secret img01
  • Political Career Limits?

    In carpentry, you have to deal with...
    By John Sammon

    Political Career Limits? img01
  • Just Turn It Off

    Don't Let Them Lead You
    By Robert Cleveland

    Just Turn It Off img01
  • Intel Agencies Drowning

    Figuring out how we deal with high...
    By Jason Aardiman

    Intel Agencies Drowning img01
  • Hillary Clinton Deception

    CIA interrogation expert: She willfully...
    By Guest Writer

    Hillary Clinton Deception img01
  • Al Queda Prisoner Loose

    The cost of Barack Obama's legacy
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Al Queda Prisoner Loose img01
  • Fbi/Cia Clinton Flashback

    Feds Went After Bill Clinton’s CIA...
    By Guest Writer

    Fbi/Cia Clinton Flashback img01
  • Deadly Moderate Iran

    Moderate Iran is killing Americans
    By Charles Faddis

    Deadly Moderate Iran img01
  • Ex-Cia Facing Italy Jail

    State Department ignored her pleas
    By Guest Writer

    Ex-Cia Facing Italy Jail img01
  • Obamacare Fails 1.6M

    About 1.6M drop-outs this year alone
    By Jason Aardiman

    Obamacare Fails 1.6M img01
  • Clinton: Benghazi Lies

    Select Committee on Benghazi Releases...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Clinton: Benghazi Lies img01
  • Tolerating Intolerance

    Why yes, I can support the rights of...
    By Fraser Sherman

    Tolerating Intolerance img01
  • N. Korea Missile Launch

    Launch capability has gone from a joke...
    By Jason Aardiman

    N. Korea Missile Launch img01
  • Forget the 5 Ws

    It's not about the Who, Where, When,...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Forget the 5 Ws img01
  • Great Britain and the Eu

    Was Great Britain Leaving the EU the...
    By Ashley Brisbon

    Great Britain and the Eu img01
  • a Real, Honest Liar

    For 31 years, James Olson lied
    By Guest Writer

    a Real, Honest Liar img01
  • Ali and Trump Similiar?

    Both Men Used Their Hands and Mouths
    By John Sammon

    Ali and Trump Similiar? img01
  • 6 Unbelievable War Facts

    Unbelievable but True
    By Chris Volkay

    6 Unbelievable War Facts img01
  • Democratization Of Tech

    Providing New Opportunities as well as...
    By Jason Aardiman

    Democratization Of Tech img01
  • Fallujah Has Fallen

    Terror and rage are spreading
    By Charles Faddis

    Fallujah Has Fallen img01
  • Hack the Pentagon

    The first bug bounty in the history of...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Hack the Pentagon img01
  • Just Ban Everything

    A Problem Government Cannot Solve
    By Robert Cleveland

    Just Ban Everything img01
  • Reality is Hate

    Keep Your Bathroom To Yourself
    By Robert Cleveland

    Reality is Hate img01
  • All Are Punish-Ed!

    Orlando as Shakespearean everytown
    By J.B. Pravda

    All Are Punish-Ed! img01
  • the 9/11 Conspiracy

    Conspiracy theories won’t keep us...
    By Charles Faddis

    the 9/11 Conspiracy img01
  • No Guarantees With Trump

    Checks and balances may not restrain...
    By Fraser Sherman

    No Guarantees With Trump img01
  • Isis Nuclear Attack

    Isis nuclear attack in Europe is a real...
    By Guest Writer

    Isis Nuclear Attack img01
  • Trump Insults Trump

    With no one left to offend, the Donald...
    By Phil Lebovits

    Trump Insults Trump img01
  • Concern Stirol Dissolved

    The Yankovsky Files
    By Peter Byrne

    Concern Stirol Dissolved img01
  • Communism Storms America

    And The Tea-leaves Look Hollywood
    By Patrick Halliday

    Communism Storms America img01
  • Psychological Trump

    The world is whatever I say it is.
    By John Sammon

    Psychological Trump img01
  • Rip, Muhammad Ali

    Boxing great and cultural symbol, dead...
    By Guest Writer

    Rip, Muhammad Ali img01
  • Moderating and Censorship

    When does moderation become censorship?
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Moderating and Censorship img01
  • Sorry, not Our Fault

    Liberals didn't create the Trump voters
    By Fraser Sherman

    Sorry, not Our Fault img01
  • Cia Honors

    CIA Honors its Fallen in Annual Memorial...
    By Jason Aardiman

    Cia Honors img01
  • a Nude Deal?

    How the Media Clothe Modern Emperors
    By J.B. Pravda

    a Nude Deal? img01
  • the N.Y. Slimes Attacks

    Boycotting Leftism
    By Chris Volkay

    the N.Y. Slimes Attacks img01
  • Heart-Bern!

    How Bernie Sanders has morphed into a...
    By Phil Lebovits

    Heart-Bern! img01
  • a Hill-Billy Ticket

    Who else can offer two for one, huh?
    By J.B. Pravda

    a Hill-Billy Ticket img01
  • Trump Breaking Windows

    Andrew Jackson A Lightning Rod For Trump...
    By Charles Faddis

    Trump Breaking Windows img01
  • Hello, Fascism!

    Towards A Trump Hello
    By Patrick Halliday

    Hello, Fascism! img01
  • Fake Cia Spy: Gotcha

    The absurdity of Wayne Simmons
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Fake Cia Spy: Gotcha img01
  • American Real(I)Ty

    From Sir Alex Tytler to William of Joel,...
    By J.B. Pravda

    American Real(I)Ty img01
  • Political Entertainers

    Donald Trump Could be Don Rickles
    By John Sammon

    Political Entertainers img01
  • Hashtag Nevertrump

    It's Fix or Fail time for the GOP.
    By Robert Cleveland

    Hashtag Nevertrump img01
  • Satan, Sponge Top Vp List

    Forget Christie or Gingrich. Trump's...
    By Phil Lebovits

    Satan, Sponge Top Vp List img01
  • the Man Card

    Clinton's more than her gender
    By Fraser Sherman

    the Man Card img01
  • How to Defeat P.C. Mobs

    How to defeat the name-calling left
    By Chris Volkay

    How to Defeat P.C. Mobs img01
  • Girls! Girls! Girls! Ole!

    Ostentatious palaces built over sewers
    By Chris Volkay

    Girls! Girls! Girls! Ole! img01
  • Iraq Prediction

    A hindsight perspective on Iraq War. Do...
    By John Sammon

    Iraq Prediction img01
  • Honoring Cesar Chavez

    A National Monument for a Civil Rights...
    By Anthony Bergen

    Honoring Cesar Chavez img01
  • Daze Of Reckoning

    How we may come to envy the departed
    By J.B. Pravda

    Daze Of Reckoning img01
  • Empty Snarky

    Milliennials can snub Hillary, but some...
    By Phil Lebovits

    Empty Snarky img01
  • the Obama Doctrine

    Leading From Behind Internationalism
    By Patrick Halliday

    the Obama Doctrine img01
  • Chile Murder Mystery

    'CIA double agent' unlikely hit man in...
    By Jeff Stein

    Chile Murder Mystery img01
  • China Spies Step It Up

    On China fringes, cyber spies raise...
    By Jason Aardiman

    China Spies Step It Up img01
  • Hillary's Logic

    The Blind Leading The Blind
    By Robert Cleveland

    Hillary's Logic img01
  • Sex As Shopping

    Why giving it away freaks people out.
    By Fraser Sherman

    Sex As Shopping img01
  • Mandatory Elections

    Crossing The Rubicon
    By Patrick Halliday

    Mandatory Elections img01
  • the Iran Genie

    Letting the Djinn out of the bottle
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    the Iran Genie img01
  • Us Involvement In Africa

    Reform: Focus on security assurance, not...
    By Jason Aardiman

    Us Involvement In Africa img01
  • N.C., Short For Bunkum

    Of Tar, Tards and Real Heels
    By J.B. Pravda

    N.C., Short For Bunkum img01
  • Environmental Champion

    Hillary Clinton
    By Guest Writer

    Environmental Champion img01
  • Sanders to the Convention

    Political Timing No Longer Applies
    By Claude Morton

    Sanders to the Convention img01
  • Obamacare Goofy Video

    There's a time and a place for most...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Obamacare Goofy Video img01
  • Trump Opponent: Fool

    Lie enough in the media and it becomes...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Trump Opponent: Fool img01
  • Global Fubar?

    Brought to you by the Presidency
    By Patrick Halliday

    Global Fubar? img01
  • Kasich Tilts at Windmills

    John Quixote's impossible dream gets...
    By Phil Lebovits

    Kasich Tilts at Windmills img01
  • Americas Rome is Berning

    Fool us once, shame on US
    By J.B. Pravda

    Americas Rome is Berning img01
  • Punishing the Mother

    A lot of pro-lifers are fine with that
    By Fraser Sherman

    Punishing the Mother img01
  • Who Trusts These Guys?

    A President that will not utter the...
    By Patrick Halliday

    Who Trusts These Guys? img01
  • Jeb's ! Still Unemployed

    It ain't easy being an exclamation...
    By Phil Lebovits

    Jeb's ! Still Unemployed img01
  • Wc Fields For President?

    A Voice from The Depression
    By J.B. Pravda

    Wc Fields For President? img01
  • Isis and the Nuclear Wmd

    Terrorists Targeting Nuclear Power...
    By Charles Faddis

    Isis and the Nuclear Wmd img01
  • the Immigration Clown Car

    While hardly a laughing matter, the joke...
    By Michael Cutler

    the Immigration Clown Car img01
  • China's Hard Strike

    [Strike Hard] campaign hits Uyghur...
    By Guest Writer

    China's Hard Strike img01
  • Mosaic Man

    How Bernard is Leading America to Her...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Mosaic Man img01
  • Dod: Who's Getting Paid?

    Spending billions on indefinite...
    By Jason Aardiman

    Dod: Who's Getting Paid? img01
  • Usual Suspects 2.0

    How Ignorance of Fables Leads to...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Usual Suspects 2.0 img01
  • Oppressed By the Poor

    Once again, conservatives say the poor...
    By Fraser Sherman

    Oppressed By the Poor img01
  • Enforcing Immigration Now

    Immigration Law Enforcement: Common...
    By Michael Cutler

    Enforcing Immigration Now img01
  • 25 Things Trump Can Say

    I'm Not Normal
    By John Sammon

    25 Things Trump Can Say img01
  • the Trump Brand

    Philosophers on U.S. Presidential...
    By Guest Writer

    the Trump Brand img01
  • Most Notorious Lobbyist

    Jack Abramoff Backs Term Limits
    By Jason Aardiman

    Most Notorious Lobbyist img01
  • Your Unsecure Privacy

    Companies lose your data, and you pay.
    By Edward Carney

    Your Unsecure Privacy img01
  • An Eternal Status Quo

    How a dead language haunts the long now.
    By J.B. Pravda

    An Eternal Status Quo img01
  • America Learn

    Bombing Alone Won't Do It.
    By John Sammon

    America Learn img01
  • Recognizing Evil

    It's about time our government...
    By Robert Cleveland

    Recognizing Evil img01
  • Heart Of the Journey

    Returning Lives PTSD Stole
    By Guest Writer

    Heart Of the Journey img01
  • Trumped By Science?

    It May Well Be Greek to US
    By J.B. Pravda

    Trumped By Science? img01
  • the Effects Of Ms-13

    One of the most notorious and violent...
    By Edward Carney

    the Effects Of Ms-13 img01
  • King Of Punks

    Trump Supporters are Often...
    By John Sammon

    King Of Punks img01
  • Clever Monkeys

    Sell clever, purchase bewilderment.
    By J.B. Pravda

    Clever Monkeys img01
  • Trump Cancels Chicago

    Didn't want to see anyone hurt at rally
    By Guest Writer

    Trump Cancels Chicago img01
  • N. Korean Sub Missing

    CNN Reports lost submarine
    By Guest Writer

    N. Korean Sub Missing img01
  • Mobbed Up?

    On Being a Mocker, Neither Mod or Rocker
    By J.B. Pravda

    Mobbed Up? img01
  • Voter Apathy

    Stop Telling Voters It's Over
    By Claude Morton

    Voter Apathy img01
  • Divisive Discrimination

    Talking about bigotry is still...
    By Fraser Sherman

    Divisive Discrimination img01
  • Isis Registration Forms

    Names, contact info for 22,000 jihadists
    By Guest Writer

    Isis Registration Forms img01
  • Make the Case

    Want my vote? Don't badger me, convince...
    By Robert Cleveland

    Make the Case img01
  • Eating Our Young

    A Bad Habit When They're The Large...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Eating Our Young img01
  • Calm the Hell Down

    Elections Have Consequences
    By Robert Cleveland

    Calm the Hell Down img01
  • Ageism Safe Hate

    Get right in their face
    By John Sammon

    Ageism Safe Hate img01
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wannabe

    How Rev. Ike's mantra snatched the body...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Mr. and Mrs. Wannabe img01
  • That Mitty Moment

    Like Walter MItty, Hillary's in for...
    By J.B. Pravda

    That Mitty Moment img01
  • As Bad As They Are

    Our enemies' evil cannot excuse our own
    By Fraser Sherman

    As Bad As They Are img01
  • Me Me Me Love

    I'm so big I can't believe it.
    By John Sammon

    Me Me Me Love img01
  • Why Trumps Life Matters

    B*tch-Slapping Perfected
    By Chris Volkay

    Why Trumps Life Matters img01
  • Citizen Participation

    The Other Half of Political Revolution
    By Claude Morton

    Citizen Participation img01
  • Life Changer

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Treat...
    By Louisa Lew

    Life Changer img01
  • Getty For President?

    Welcome to the Desert of the Real
    By J.B. Pravda

    Getty For President? img01
  • Stacey Dash On the Oscars

    Either we want to have segregation or...
    By Guest Writer

    Stacey Dash On the Oscars img01
  • a Woman President?

    Would a woman get caught up in the White...
    By John Sammon

    a Woman President? img01
  • John Kerry On Albania

    Remarks After Meeting With Albanian...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    John Kerry On Albania img01
  • Kerry and Putin

    Last month's COP21 comments: Did we keep...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Kerry and Putin img01
  • First In America

    How George Washington Embodied the...
    By Victoria Medina

    First In America img01
  • a Tale Of Contradictions

    U.S. and China
    By Guest Writer

    a Tale Of Contradictions img01
  • Mirror, Mirror

    How Our Mapless Ship of State's Been...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Mirror, Mirror img01
  • Islam's not a Religion?

    That's the new anti-First Amendment...
    By Fraser Sherman

    Islam's not a Religion? img01
  • Can You Trust Trump

    How do you solve a problem like The...
    By Robert Cleveland

    Can You Trust Trump img01
  • the Polite Society

    Shooting people is not the path to good...
    By Fraser Sherman

    the Polite Society img01
  • False Prophets

    They're revving up for Hillary.
    By Fraser Sherman

    False Prophets img01
  • Republican Gotterdammerun

    The eminent demise of the Republican...
    By John Sammon

    Republican Gotterdammerun img01
  • Enough Rope

    How Unabashed Capitalism Is Decapitating...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Enough Rope img01
  • the End Of Europe?

    Technically It Seems Possible
    By Patrick Halliday

    the End Of Europe? img01
  • the White Oscars

    Are the Oscars too white?
    By Robert Cleveland

    the White Oscars img01
  • Fruit Of the Sophistry

    Food and Water for GOP Elephants
    By J.B. Pravda

    Fruit Of the Sophistry img01
  • One Eager Supporter

    Extremely excited would be an...
    By Guest Writer

    One Eager Supporter img01
  • Us Intelligence Failure

    Former US Diplomat in Korea Tots Up US...
    By Guest Writer

    Us Intelligence Failure img01
  • Socialism

    Can we benefit from it?
    By Claude Morton

    Socialism img01
  • the Media Found Poland?

    A Lot Can Go Wrong, Maybe Everything
    By Patrick Halliday

    the Media Found Poland? img01
  • Ryan Rips Us Off

    Boehner's Christmas Tradition Continued
    By Robert Cleveland

    Ryan Rips Us Off img01
  • Open Letter to Jeb

    No one is more sorrowful than I to tell...
    By John Sammon

    Open Letter to Jeb img01
  • Missouri... Compromised

    Disrupt the Party like it's 1820
    By J.B. Pravda

    Missouri... Compromised img01
  • Sanders Blackout

    Conservative Media Strikes Back
    By Claude Morton

    Sanders Blackout img01
  • World War What?

    When Foreign Policy Gets Bad, The End's...
    By Patrick Halliday

    World War What? img01
  • Trump and Adolph

    10 Similarities Between Trump and Hitler
    By John Sammon

    Trump and Adolph img01
  • Progressive-Lite

    Hillary's Dilemma
    By Claude Morton

    Progressive-Lite img01
  • Killing Elephants

    Greed and vanity are killing the world
    By John Sammon

    Killing Elephants img01
  • Christian Terrorism

    Some conservatives say it doesn't exist
    By Fraser Sherman

    Christian Terrorism img01
  • Alas, Babble On

    or, How Social Media Will Create the...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Alas, Babble On img01
  • the Fear Endures

    America has always freaked out about...
    By Fraser Sherman

    the Fear Endures img01
  • Heaven: Low On Virgins?

    With so many martyrs, the lack of...
    By Phil Lebovits

    Heaven: Low On Virgins? img01
  • Refugee Stupidity

    Compassionately Putting Americans In...
    By Robert Cleveland

    Refugee Stupidity img01
  • Inconvenient Truths

    What the Paris attacks mean
    By Charles Faddis

    Inconvenient Truths img01
  • Death to Smoochy Ii

    Remake Now Playing as TV Reality Show...
    By J.B. Pravda

    Death to Smoochy Ii img01
  • Affiliation With the Ass

    Worship the all-powerful Donkey.
    By Robert Cleveland

    Affiliation With the Ass img01
  • Idiots R Us

    We'll be forced to listen to fewer...
    By John Sammon

    Idiots R Us img01
  • Carson Mangles History

    The Founding Fathers are rolling in...
    By Phil Lebovits

    Carson Mangles History img01
  • a Loss to Europe??

    Losing Overseas Is Bad, But A Loss To...
    By Patrick Halliday

    a Loss to Europe?? img01
  • Petty, Mean and Ugly

    Let's assume Cruz's comments were...
    By John Sammon

    Petty, Mean and Ugly img01