Is North Korea For Real?
Trump Agrees to Meet with Kim Jong-Un

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Why A Jewish Democrat Voted Republican
It's Just Business

By Charlie Levine

United States Of Common Sense

There Was No Battle
American forces in Syria have been engaged in direct combat with Russian forces

By Charles Faddis

Take A Look In The Mirror
What can we do to stop mass shootings?

By Charles Faddis

The Next War Has Already Begun
Iran and Israel Exchange Fire

By Charles Faddis

Waking Up To A Nightmare
What if North Korea gives Iran nuclear weapons?

By Charles Faddis

National Security

Kicking Over A Bee's Nest
The need for clarity in American nuclear deterrence policy

By Scott D Portzline

Cuba Travel Warning
Attacks have occurred in U.S. diplomatic residences and hotels frequented by U.S. citizens.

By Guest Writer

Missiles Over Japan
North korea: pyongyang fires a second missile over japan

By Guest Writer

National Insecurity On Your Desktop
Guess where your anti-virus software comes from?

By Chris Niccolls

Foreign Policy

A Russian helping in Libya
Russia negotiates from strength

By Patrick Halliday

American Color Revolution
Whatever it means, you're in or out

By Patrick Halliday

Backdraft in Politics Today
Sometimes it's typical; sometimes typical is terrifying

By Patrick Halliday

Usa Guest
Trump gets his asian invite

By Patrick Halliday


A Forgotten Hero
Henrietta Lacks

By Bernadette E Ontong

Meet Norman Ambrose
A young designer with the skillset of a master

By Jeffrey Felner

Qilin Veemon
Beauty playing games

By Louise Ashby

Marbys Negretti
When a model turns designer

By Jeffrey Felner


We Must Stop the Killing
No other nation on earth would tolerate this bloodshed.

By J J Bakhtiar

A Record of Failure
Former CIA Director Brennan's criticism of President Trump

By Charles Faddis

The Foreign Policy Consequences of Impunity
What price do we pay for a lack of accountability?

By Greg Hicks

Do Your Job!
Will anyone in the FBI be held accountable for the shooting in Florida?

By Charles Faddis

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