What Really Happened To Sergei Skripal?
The Truth Is Out There

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The Russians Launch A Floating Nuclear Power Plant
This Won't End Well

By Scott D Portzline

Climate Change Is Destroying The American Economy
Climate Change Is Still Accelerating, Raising Costs Every Year

By Chris Niccolls

United States Of Common Sense

Netanyahu Proves Iran Lied About Nuclear Program
Iran Lied Repeatedly And Deliberately About Its Nuclear Weapons Work

By Charles Faddis

Taking Control Of The Situation In Syria
Changing The Strategic Calculus for Iran and Russia

By Charles Faddis

Syrian Powder Keg
One Spark Could Trigger An Explosion

By Charles Faddis

Hadrian And His Wall
Knowing When To Fight And When Not To

By Charles Faddis

National Security

Korean Love Fest
How Will It Turn Out?

By Grant Newsham

The Fish That Got Away
Turkey Swims In Its Own Direction

By Michael Pixley

Preparing For The Coming Attack
The Poor Man's A-Bomb

By Paul Davis

The Sunni-Shia Shuffle
The War That Will Not End

By Michael Pixley

Foreign Policy

Bring The Slaughter To An End
An Open Letter To President Trump

By John David Pitts

The Child In The Well
Waiting for the Mahdi

By J J Bakhtiar

Attempted Assassination Of Sergei Skripal
Another in a long history of killings

By Joseph Fitsanakis

A Russian helping in Libya
Russia negotiates from strength

By Patrick Halliday


Assault and Battery In the Locker Room
When Hazing Is No Longer Hazing

By Mark Stoner

Taking The Boy Out of Boy Scouts
The War On Boys Being Boys

By Elizabeth Louise

Blood Flows In Historic Christian Town Of Maaloula
The Complexity And Brutality Of War In The Middle East

By John David Pitts

A Forgotten Hero
Henrietta Lacks

By Bernadette E Ontong


Kim Jung-Un Nuclear About Face
Desperate Despot Or Cunning Statesman Only Time Will Tell

By Lisa Marie Ruth

Trump Brings Little Rocket Man To The Table
Now For The Hard Part

By Paul Davis

A Conversation With Austin Petersen
Liberty Candidate for Senate

By Robert Cleveland

What Happened to Growth In the Labor Force
Number Three In A Four-Part Series On The Crisis In Our Economy

By Michael Hackmer

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