America's Threat And Fact Of Military Action
Put Aside Endless Diplomacy When It Becomes Counter-Productive

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United States Of Common Sense

An Open Letter To Mr. Brennan
Stop Pretending

By Charles Faddis

Mayor Catherine Pugh Fiddles While Baltimore Burns
Clueless Mayor Blames Crime On Convenience Stores And Cops

By Charles Faddis

Destroy The Republic To Save The Republic
John Kerry's Violations Of The Logan Act

By Charles Faddis

Netanyahu Proves Iran Lied About Nuclear Program
Iran Lied Repeatedly And Deliberately About Its Nuclear Weapons Work

By Charles Faddis

National Security

Sometimes You Gotta Wait
It May Take Time For Clarity On North Korea

By Grant Newsham

Leftists Rage Against Trump Before Historic Summit
Hatred For Trump - 'The Man Who Would Be King' - Outweighs Any Contempt For A Man Who Is One

By James G. Zumwalt

Apologizing For Beijing and Selling Out America
A Sour Take On The Souring Of Chinese American Relations

By Grant Newsham

Fighting Another War On The Home Front
A Wounded Warrior Struggles To Get Care

By Lora Griffith

Foreign Policy

Bring The Slaughter To An End
An Open Letter To President Trump

By John David Pitts

The Child In The Well
Waiting for the Mahdi

By J J Bakhtiar

Attempted Assassination Of Sergei Skripal
Another in a long history of killings

By Joseph Fitsanakis

A Russian helping in Libya
Russia negotiates from strength

By Patrick Halliday


Children Without A Childhood
Syrian Refugee Children Have Become A Staple In The Middle Eastern Work Force

By John David Pitts

Jihadists Distort Ramadan To Inspire Bloodshed
Jihadists Are Attempting To Shift The Focus Of Ramadan From Spiritual Reflection To Violence

By John David Pitts

Searching For Logic In Scouts BSA
Boys Girls And Scouts BSA

By Forrest Tucker

Jihadists Have Distorted Muhammad's True Message
Understanding The Society Of 7th Century Arabia

By John David Pitts


Hiding The Truth About Gaza
Where Is Paul Harvey When You Need Him

By James G. Zumwalt

Starbucks Should Issue Body Cams To Baristas
Truth, Justice, And Body Cams For All

By Robert Cleveland

The Public And The Police
Educating A Nation On Security And Safety

By Scott D Portzline

Increasing Wages And Savings In The US Economy
Putting The Consumers Ahead Of Big Corporations And Big Banks

By Michael Hackmer

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