John David Pitts


John David Pitts is Founder and Principal Advisor of Ahlan International, a cultural advisory and training firm specializing in Arab cultures and languages, the Middle East, and Islam. Prior to founding Ahlan International, Mr. Pitts lived for 15 years in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Sudan, Yemen and Mauritania. While there, his professional experience included both the education and business sectors, as well as over a decade of deep involvement in humanitarian-aid work ranging from small, grassroots operations to large-scale, UN-managed operations.

His academic background includes degrees in Arabic Studies, as well as many years spent studying various branches of Islam under scholars in traditional Islamic schools and mosques across the Middle East and North Africa.

John David's interests and hobbies include a lifelong love for storytelling and music, and he himself enjoys playing - or attempting to play - a variety of instruments such as the guitar, mandolin, piano, and oud (Arab lute). He is also an avid snowboarder, fisherman, skydiver, and scuba diver.

Originally from Johnson City, Tennessee, Mr. Pitts is equally happy and at home in large Middle Eastern capitals, small town Appalachia, and the Pacific Northwest where he and his family now reside.

As of October 22, 2018, John David's 12 articles like "The Never-Ending War - Part One" have totaled 76.3K views and shares.

John David's 12 most recent articles:

OCT 17 2018
AND Magazine

The Never-Ending War - Part One

How We Went From One To Seventy-Six Countries
"What began as the U.S. government sending soldiers to hunt down and destroy the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in one single country, afghanistan, continues 17 years later in what is now 76 different countries."

OCT 02 2018
AND Magazine

Focus On the Family

Marriage Equality = Strong Families
"We must fully unite in affirming not merely marriage equality for all citizens with regards to the written law of the land, but genuine and sincere social and cultural equality and acceptance as well."

SEP 08 2018
AND Magazine

Slaying The Lion

When The Lesser Of Two Evils Means Bloodstained Hands
"Even if it means damning my own soul, I would be an instrument of death, so that others may have life...sometimes the lesser of two evils still means bloodstained hands."

AUG 29 2018
AND Magazine

Drones: Made In America

When Hell's Fire Comes Down From Heaven
"The inconvenient truth is that... for most Yemenis, drones are strictly indiscriminate instruments of death, all of which, are made in america."

JUL 16 2018
AND Magazine

The Common Cause

Freedom Fighters, Suicide Bombers, And Me
"The Arab world produces all kinds of fighters, extremists and activists, some good and some bad, but none of whom I can unequivocally say I would never have become."

JUN 24 2018
AND Magazine

The Dictator's System Of Peace

Dancing With The Devil For Peace In The Middle East
"...the reality of peace in the Middle East, at this day in time, may only be possible when countries are held together under the rule of strong, dictatorial regimes."

JUN 15 2018
AND Magazine

Children Without A Childhood

Syrian Refugee Children Have Become A Staple In The Middle Eastern Work Force
"...these jobs being carried out by Syria's refugee children were historically done by adult manual laborers, not children."

JUN 02 2018
AND Magazine

Jihadists Distort Ramadan To Inspire Bloodshed

Jihadists Are Attempting To Shift The Focus Of Ramadan From Spiritual Reflection To Violence
"Ramadan is meant to be a month in which Muslims across the globe practice the ancient spiritual discipline of fasting as a way to become more pure, righteous, and holy before God and man."

MAY 11 2018
AND Magazine

Jihadists Have Distorted Muhammad's True Message

Understanding The Society Of 7th Century Arabia
"...he believed that he was solely acting as God's mouthpiece in bringing the monotheistic faith of the Jews and the Christians to the Arabs in their own language."

APR 29 2018
AND Magazine

Blood Flows In Historic Christian Town Of Maaloula

The Complexity And Brutality Of War In The Middle East
"The fighting in Maaloula serves as a picture-perfect example of the complexity found throughout much of the Middle East. It also shows how truly evil and devastating the effects of war are."

APR 15 2018
AND Magazine

Forging Jihadists In The Fires of Despair

Can Hope Kill Terrorism?
"Each and every single violent young suicide bomber ... and every single young man who goes off to wage holy war as a jihadist, was forged by the evil fires of despair."

APR 12 2018
AND Magazine
Foreign Policy

Bring The Slaughter To An End

An Open Letter To President Trump
"It is entirely unforgivable for us to sit by and allow Bashar Al-Assad, with the explicit support and help of Russia and Iran, to continue the ongoing, brutal slaughter of innocent Syrians."