Michael Hackmer


Michael Hackmer is the founder of Social Web Tactics, a marketing agency, GovernmentContractors.co, CBT Media, Catoctin Education, a futurist education company, and YourTravel.Guide, a website connecting people to travel guides all over the world.

He also is the CEO and Chairman at Leadership For America PAC, an organization committed to providing education and resources to independent and Reform Party candidates, Reform MyGov, a portal for crowd-sourcing policy solutions to national, state, and local issues in the U.S., and he is Chairman of the Reform Party of Virginia.

Hackmer has been involved in politics since the early 1990s. He started by volunteering in 1992 for the Ross Perot presidential campaign. He has since been an active member in the original United We Stand organization, and the Reform Party. He has been a member of the Reform Party National Committee, and prior to becoming chairman, he was a presidential nominating delegate in 2000.

Married with two daughters, Michael Hackmer lives near Washington, DC. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and graduated Phillips Academy, Andover in 1994, and The Catholic University of America in 1998 with a BA in Politics. At Catholic University he majored in Politics and Latin American History.

Michael Hackmer’s personal website can be found at: www.hackmer.com. His political website is: www.michaelhackmer.com

As of July 13, 2018, Michael's 4 articles like "Increasing Wages And Savings In The US Economy" have totaled 14.1K views and shares.

Michael's 4 most recent articles:

MAY 25 2018
AND Magazine

Increasing Wages And Savings In The US Economy

Putting The Consumers Ahead Of Big Corporations And Big Banks
"Reductions in new business creation have been the result of policies designed and implemented by members of both political parties to increase the advantages of large corporations."

APR 30 2018
AND Magazine

What Happened to Growth In the Labor Force

Number Three In A Four-Part Series On The Crisis In Our Economy
"By 2014, the number of americans on welfare hit a historical high, and the number continued to grow."

APR 19 2018
AND Magazine

A Third Wave Society In Conflict With Itself

An Economy That Benefits Big Corporations Not The Working Man
"Government advocacy for large corporations has reduced new business growth."

APR 16 2018
AND Magazine

US Facing An Economic Crisis

Low Savings and Low Wages
"Approximately 60% of Americans do not have enough savings to cover a $500 to $1,000 unplanned expense."