Claude Morton

Column Editor

Claude Morton featured on AND - Photo: AND Archives

Claude Morton

Column Editor | Photo: AND Archives

Recent contributions:

Claude Morton is an independent contributor, who mostly writes articles on politics, Veganism, philosophy, or local events. Claude has contributed to a variety of print and online outlets including Yahoo!, MovieMaker Magazine, and the Ann Arbor News.

From Claude;

I’m in the 1%, no, not that 1%. I’m a vegan, indie filmmaker, libertarian socialist, and a pacifist. I champion freedom as much as equality, and love discussing solutions about our country’s biggest dilemmas. I’m also an independent; I respect and learn from all political viewpoints, regardless of position on the political scale, and thus appear as a myriad of incongruities. But at last, you must concede, you know not what the human spirit embodies, and that’s exactly what I am. So let us all learn, love, and have fun together, grow to newer heights, and take this great experiment to its next evolution.

Claude Morton's most recent 189:

( * = A cover-featured contribution )


Hillary's TPP*

Unions For Clinton?*

Revisiting Socialism*



Chair White

Vegan Rage*

Special-Interests Stooges*


The Petraeus Rules*

The Yellen Morals*

Economic Recovery...*

Anarchism is not Anarchy*

Policing The Police


Buying No Labels*

Minority Rule... Again*

Voting Hurdles*

Midterm Duty*

No Water For You*

Willful Blindness*

Hobby Lobby Fallout*

Lead USA and Lead World*

United in Fear*

Obama the Warlord*

Centralized Power

Hillary vs. Progression*

Government, Go Home...

Killer Police*

When Allies Go Wrong*

Natural Rights*

Hobby Lobby Failure*

Drone Memo*

Detroit's Water Crisis*

Vermont Labeling Laws*

The General Welfare*

Richmond CARES Program*

Kinsley vs Greenwald*

Blind GMO Advocates*

General Mass-Murderers*

Walmart President*

Ukraine Confusion*

End of Net Neutrality?*

Marijuana and Driving*

First Amendment Area*

Activism = Terrorism?*

The Opaque Regime*

Citizen's United 2.0*

Excluding Bernie

Welfare is not Socialism*

Arizona Anti-Gay Law*

Kiev Riots*

Deflationary Confusion*

Not Voting...*

Minimum Wage Hike*

Strong U.S. Economy...*

Good Morning to You*


Vegan Love

John Kiriakou

Blame it on Snowden*

Tea Party's Fault?*

Debt Ceiling Fears*

Treasury Securities*

The Federal Reserve Bank*

You be Yellen*

Shutdown Welcomed*

Barrett Brown*

Never Against the Rich*

Our Forgotten War*

Entry Level Humans*

You Poor Vegan*

Hayden's Snowjob*

Tainted Love*

The Good Mayor*

End of Summers Blues*

The Thought Police*

Silencing Private Manning*

Amash Amendment Fails*

Tsarnaev Photo Bomber*

Embracing Change*

Own your Labor

Karen Hudes*

Global Corporate Control


Misrepresentor in Chief

Government Overreach*


Confidence in Government*

A Repressed Press*

Government for the Who?

Finding Representation*

Live Healthy, Die Young?*

Liberties Under Siege*

The Republic

GMO Foods are not Vegan


The Socialist in You

Mobile Vegan*

Against Animal Abuse

Modern Marijuana

Supply-Side Failures

Consent of the Governed

The 10 Year Bomb

Intellectual Piracy

Too Big For the Law

Dude, Not in my Beer!

Private Bradley Manning

The Moment of Now


When Drones Attack



Voluntary Workforce

Anonymous Attacks

Mary Jo White

The Geithner Experience

Corporate Bonds

Technology and Love

Aaron Swartz's Case

Marginalizing WikiLeaks

Can I just be a Human?


Bank practices worst yet

Small Business


Consoler in Chief

Guns and Violence

Consolidated News

Social Security trouble

Direct Democracy

Wage-Labor Ills

When Oligarchs Attack

Authority Stolen

Obama on the Ropes

Presidential Debate 3

Big Bird, Elmo, Economy

Raw marijuana

Voting Skills Upgrade

Campaign Spending



Vote for a free market


Really Really Free Market

If you could ammend...

Drug testing for welfare

LIBOR Scandal

Libertarian Socialists


Preventing an Oligarchy

How to vote in November

Affordable Health uphelD

A one Term president

Pursuading a President

Goldman Sachs

When democrats are wrong

Homelessness Forgotten

Why Newt wont go away

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Hot or Not?

The New bailout

All up in your kool-aid

Monetizing life


The lesser of two evils

Jamie Dimon

Fox, CNN, and MSNBC fair?

Fix Your Vote

Hypocritical Vegans

Overpaid CEO's the cause

America elect

Behold a Pale horse

The 99% are not Bums

$600 Billion for the 99%

Herman Cain

A Cast of Dip Sh*ts

Against fat-cat f**ks

Rise up

who is the real Barack?

Cease-Fire Farces

Google Will buy You Next

The Progressive in us all

progressive insurance ban

James Carville

Moody's Blues

President Obama:

Fixing our economy:

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