Deep State Comes For Trump


The art of the coup lies in making all parts of a coordinated, carefully planned effort appear to be spontaneous and extemporaneous. The public is to be left with the impression, not that a government was brought down by a group of conspirators but by an uprising -a wave of popular sentiment, a confluence of events. Such is precisely the case with the coup underway at this very moment that aims to bring down the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s Populist Agenda Shook The Establishment

When Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016 he stunned the American political establishment, not just the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, but the entrenched Republican Party apparatus as well. While nominally a Republican President, Trump’s agenda bore virtually no resemblance to that pursued by Republican Presidents before him and was more an outgrowth of Ross Perot’s failed campaigns in 1992 and 1996 than anything else.

Where both major parties had supported globalization for decades, Trump spoke of economic nationalism and the negative impact offshoring of jobs had on the lives of average Americans. Where both parties had pushed relentlessly for bigger and more expensive government for half a century, Trump spoke of draining the swamp and cutting the size of the federal bureaucracy. Where both major parties, for their own reasons, had opted to allow an unrelenting surge of illegal immigrants across the southern border, Trump spoke of building a wall and ending illegal immigration.

Trump’s election did not mean simply that Hillary Clinton was denied the White House. It meant that the entire existing political structure, rigged in favor of the wealthy and the powerful, was threatened. He had to be stopped, and the people, who had voted for him, could not be trusted to make that happen.

The First Coup Attempt – Crashed And Burned

For three years, powerful political forces and their allies within the federal government attempted to depose President Trump based on a deliberate lie – that he was somehow a puppet of Vladimir Putin. That coup attempt, hastily contrived, crashed and burned.

So Begins The Next Attempt

That ended nothing. The same forces that produced the Mueller investigation have now trotted out the claim that the President abused his office in pressuring the Ukrainian President to investigate the business dealings of Hunter Biden, son of Democratic Presidential candidate (and former Vice President) Joe Biden.

The accusation is absurd and the circumstances under which it was presented wreak of collusion and conspiracy:

Up until a month ago whistleblower complaints from within the Intelligence Community had to be based on first-hand knowledge. It now appears that this requirement was eliminated by individuals within the Intelligence Community specifically for the purpose of allowing the whistleblower’s complaint, based entirely on hearsay, to go forward.

The complaint, allegedly written by a junior member of the CIA working at the White House, reads like an appellate brief written by seasoned trial counsel. It is clearly a well-massaged legal document not the work of an earnest civil servant reporting what he saw or heard. Representative Schiff, head of the House Intelligence Committee, has already admitted that he saw the complaint in some form before it was ever submitted. What role he or individuals with whom he was in contact had in the drafting of the text that was ultimately submitted is, therefore, of some significant interest.

Do Facts Matter?

 None of the individuals the “whistleblower” claims related the substance of his accusations to him have been identified. At least one of the individuals the “whistleblower” claims was on the phone call President Trump had with the President of Ukraine has been proven not to have been privy to the conversation. Continuous claims that a second whistleblower will emerge have so far remained just that, claims.

The full, “word for word” transcript of the call in question shows that many of the claims made by the “whistleblower” regarding that call are false. Things we were told were said were not actually said.

The accusation that the recording of the call was hidden on some “super secret” server to keep it from the world is ludicrous. As noted above, the full transcript of the call has been released and the storage of recordings of conversations between the President and other world leaders on a protected system tells us only that this White House prefers protecting sensitive information to storing it on “homebrew” servers accessible to hostile foreign powers.

The President of Ukraine is on record, in response to this “whistleblower” complaint, as saying that he did not feel pressured or “strong-armed” to do anything.

Overturning The Will Of The People

None of this, of course, matters to those individuals supporting the mad charges against the President. The goal is not to find the facts and reach a just conclusion, it is to tear down this President at any cost. This was not begun as an attempt to find the truth and see that justice was done. It was begun with the express goal of destroying a President whom his opponents have calculated cannot be defeated at the polls.

The first coup attempt failed. That ended nothing. This attempt will likely fail as well. That also will end nothing.

The Deep State is a reality. Trump is not being opposed simply by the Democratic Party or The Squad. Witness the attacks launched upon him by powerful figures within his own party. Trump is opposed by all of those forces within a vast governmental structure who have a vested interest in seeing that nothing changes.

What Are Americans Tired Of?

America may be tired of sending its sons and daughters to fight in wars without clear purpose and, therefore, without end. Wealthy men and women and some of the biggest corporations on Earth are getting rich off those wars.

America may be tired of trading good manufacturing jobs – with pensions -for the privilege of working multiple part-time jobs and buying cheap plastic junk from China. The top 1% in this country have grown rich beyond comprehension off of the practice of offshoring and globalization.

America may be tired of allowing illegal immigrants to take jobs from those on the lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder and then paying taxes to provide benefits and free college tuition to those same illegals. Democratic politicians count on the support of those illegals at the polls – where safeguards to prevent voter fraud are being systematically eliminated.  Unscrupulous business owners, like those running the recently raided chicken processing plants in Mississippi, just as clearly count on an endless supply of workers unable to stand up for their rights, to turn massive profits.

Deep State Does Not Care What The People Want

America may want change. America may have voted for change. The people and organizations who think they run this country think differently.

Trump must go. If he cannot be defeated at the polls then he must be deposed. The coup is ongoing.

Powerful forces within this government including, unfortunately it appears, senior members of the Intelligence Community have committed themselves to removing a duly elected President. As long as they remain in their positions and escape justice, they will continue those efforts. At stake is not simply the fate of this President but very likely the fate of our democracy as well.