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Predictions For The New Year – How The Ongoing Coup Against President Trump Ends


As the end of the year approaches, I thought it appropriate to take a look ahead at 2020.  Resolutions may be traditional for the New Year, but I thought it more constructive to provide some predictions.

We have already seen the mad Russiagate accusations against President Trump crash and burn and Inspector General Horowitz’s report lay bare shocking misconduct at the FBI. What shoes will drop next as we continue to learn additional details regarding what really happened in the creation of the false Russian collusion narrative?

My predictions obviously constitute my informed opinion and nothing more.  Nonetheless, they are based on information in my possession, from sources overt and otherwise, and decades of experience in the fields of intelligence and law enforcement.  The media outlets and politicians who fed us Russian collusion lies for years may want to turn the page, change the subject and move on.  I think that will prove impossible.

The persons behind the false accusations of the last three years, arrogant and self-important as they are, grossly overplayed their hand.  They will now face the consequences.


U.S. Attorney John Durham will release the results of his investigation sometime in the spring of 2020.  (For more, see Prediction #9)  The report will reveal that there was, in fact, a deliberate plot to prevent Donald Trump from gaining the White House. This was not sloppiness or negligence.  This was deliberate.  It did not involve a handful of overzealous FBI agents.  It involved some of the most powerful people in the republic.


Implicated in the plot uncovered by Durham’s investigation will be senior individuals within Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency and senior officials in both the US law enforcement and intelligence communities. They will be found to have formed a criminal conspiracy.


Durham’s report will make clear that once the original plot failed, and Donald Trump won the election, the focus of the plot changed.  It moved from being an effort to block President Trump’s election to one which had the goal of sabotaging his presidency and removing him from office.  It became the first coup attempt in U.S. history. The key individuals involved knew the purpose of the conspiracy and acted with full knowledge of its criminality.


It will become clear that the plotters working against the President were motivated not simply by a desire for personal or political gain, but also by an intense arrogance and a general contempt for the American people.  As evidenced in so many of the interviews given by individuals like Mr. Brennan and Mr. Comey, it will be revealed that the “coup plotters” were offended by Mr. Trump and considered him an illegitimate president whom they had a “duty” to remove from office.


Not all of the individuals named in Durham’s report will be former government officials.  Serving officials, some of them at very senior levels, will be found to have been part of the conspiracy to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.  Individuals who are currently serving in key positions in this administration will be among those proven to be involved in the plot.


The conspiracy to sabotage the Trump campaign will be found to have originated months before the initiation of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.  The nerve center of the conspiracy will be identified inside the Central Intelligence Agency in a “counterintelligence task force” formed at the direction of CIA Director John Brennan.  Targeting of the Trump campaign by intelligence sources will be substantiated.


The plot will be found to be ongoing.  Current efforts to destabilize this administration will be revealed.  This is not yet over.


Foreign intelligence agencies will be found to have participated in the plot to keep Donald Trump from winning the presidency.  The agencies in question will include some that are among our closest allies.


There will be indictments.  They will be significant, and they will be handed down against individuals who were and perhaps still are serving at the highest levels of the federal bureaucracy.  As indictments emerge, some of the individuals involved in this plot will begin to cut deals in exchange for leniency in sentencing.


People are going to go to jail, some of them for a very long time.