Predictions For The New Year – How The Ongoing Coup Against President Trump Ends

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Charles S. (Sam) Faddis, Senior Partner- Artemis, LLC is a former CIA operations officer with thirty years of experience in the conduct of intelligence operations in the Middle East, South Asia and Europe. His last assignment prior to retirement in May of 2008 was as head of the CIA's terrorist Weapons of Mass Destruction unit. He took the first CIA team into Iraq in the Summer of 2002 in advance of the invasion of that country and has worked extensively in the field with law enforcement, local security forces and special operations teams. Since retirement, he has written extensively, provided training to a wide variety of government and private entities and appears regularly on radio and television.

As the end of the year approaches, I thought it appropriate to take a look ahead at 2020.  Resolutions may be traditional for the New Year, but I thought it more constructive to provide some predictions.

We have already seen the mad Russiagate accusations against President Trump crash and burn and Inspector General Horowitz’s report lay bare shocking misconduct at the FBI. What shoes will drop next as we continue to learn additional details regarding what really happened in the creation of the false Russian collusion narrative?

My predictions obviously constitute my informed opinion and nothing more.  Nonetheless, they are based on information in my possession, from sources overt and otherwise, and decades of experience in the fields of intelligence and law enforcement.  The media outlets and politicians who fed us Russian collusion lies for years may want to turn the page, change the subject and move on.  I think that will prove impossible.

The persons behind the false accusations of the last three years, arrogant and self-important as they are, grossly overplayed their hand.  They will now face the consequences.


U.S. Attorney John Durham will release the results of his investigation sometime in the spring of 2020.  (For more, see Prediction #9)  The report will reveal that there was, in fact, a deliberate plot to prevent Donald Trump from gaining the White House. This was not sloppiness or negligence.  This was deliberate.  It did not involve a handful of overzealous FBI agents.  It involved some of the most powerful people in the republic.


Implicated in the plot uncovered by Durham’s investigation will be senior individuals within Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency and senior officials in both the US law enforcement and intelligence communities. They will be found to have formed a criminal conspiracy.


Durham’s report will make clear that once the original plot failed, and Donald Trump won the election, the focus of the plot changed.  It moved from being an effort to block President Trump’s election to one which had the goal of sabotaging his presidency and removing him from office.  It became the first coup attempt in U.S. history. The key individuals involved knew the purpose of the conspiracy and acted with full knowledge of its criminality.


It will become clear that the plotters working against the President were motivated not simply by a desire for personal or political gain, but also by an intense arrogance and a general contempt for the American people.  As evidenced in so many of the interviews given by individuals like Mr. Brennan and Mr. Comey, it will be revealed that the “coup plotters” were offended by Mr. Trump and considered him an illegitimate president whom they had a “duty” to remove from office.


Not all of the individuals named in Durham’s report will be former government officials.  Serving officials, some of them at very senior levels, will be found to have been part of the conspiracy to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.  Individuals who are currently serving in key positions in this administration will be among those proven to be involved in the plot.


The conspiracy to sabotage the Trump campaign will be found to have originated months before the initiation of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.  The nerve center of the conspiracy will be identified inside the Central Intelligence Agency in a “counterintelligence task force” formed at the direction of CIA Director John Brennan.  Targeting of the Trump campaign by intelligence sources will be substantiated.


The plot will be found to be ongoing.  Current efforts to destabilize this administration will be revealed.  This is not yet over.


Foreign intelligence agencies will be found to have participated in the plot to keep Donald Trump from winning the presidency.  The agencies in question will include some that are among our closest allies.


There will be indictments.  They will be significant, and they will be handed down against individuals who were and perhaps still are serving at the highest levels of the federal bureaucracy.  As indictments emerge, some of the individuals involved in this plot will begin to cut deals in exchange for leniency in sentencing.


People are going to go to jail, some of them for a very long time.


28 comments on “Predictions For The New Year – How The Ongoing Coup Against President Trump Ends

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    Hank , Direct link to comment

    I will wait patiently to see if it actually develops into criminal charges. The people deserve to see the equal justice that was so demanded by the Dems. Let it be so.

  • Avatar
    Joe Sprow , Direct link to comment

    True justice will be served whether on this or the other side of eternity. We were all given gifts, talents, etc by God to use appropriately for His purposes. So when anyone misuses talents, position, or power they will be held to account. And it doesn’t matter whether one believes in God or not. That does not affect or diminish His authority or power. Just like those involved in this Treasonous criminal conspiracy to bring down a duly elected president, we too are held to the same accountability!

  • Avatar
    lisa belanger , Direct link to comment

    obama was the culptit he started it and ordered
    brennan his pal…he will talk to avoid prison so will clapper

  • Avatar
    Ron Reich , Direct link to comment

    Obama. No mention of Obama. And no mention of Hillary. No one is above the law. They tell us that every day. Except it’s a lie. Obama and Hillary are above the law. They will pay no price. I doubt anyone in the top tier will be indicted. They are all above the law. The rule of law does not apply to those who rule or make laws.

  • Avatar
    Betty Liberty , Direct link to comment

    The penalty for treason is hanging We should accept nothing less. People must fear punishment again. Even the rich, so-called elites.

  • Avatar
    tballard , Direct link to comment

    I agree with everything except #10. No one will be going to jail. Comey and Brennan will continue to mock the President with their criminality and there will be no consequences. The Deep State is too firmly entrenched and Trump has too few allies that he can trust to root out this treason.

  • Avatar
    Robert , Direct link to comment

    I am afraid you are right about the state of our legal system when it comes to wealthy and powerful people. However many things have changed with DJT and perhaps this is one of them. I can hope.

  • Avatar
    zchonie miller , Direct link to comment

    One reason that I doubt much of the predictions, Is because I believe that Obama was right smack in the middle of it, and there is no way in ——- that they are going to allow the first black President of the United States of America be indicted. It just ain’t going to happen. If they can side step Obama and bring indictments on some of the administration’s lower players it could happen, otherwise they will stop it before it gets to the very top.

  • Avatar
    zchonie miller , Direct link to comment

    The reason that the establishment hate Trump. is because they knew him from many of his business dealings, and they also knew that with all his wealth that they couldn’t bribe, or buy him, and that scared them to death, and they had to keep him from winning at all cost. But when he won, they doubled down. and with the Media on their side. they have convinced much of the public that Trump was a Nazi, a traitor, racist, xenophobe, misogynist, incompetent, and he must be impeached.

  • Avatar
    K Templar , Direct link to comment

    Nothing will happen. It will all be swept under the rug.

  • Avatar
    Kate , Direct link to comment

    This coup attempt should be abhorred and condemned by all citizens for many reasons, the blatant destruction of our Republic and Constitution plus the immense and intense attempt to coerce and degrade any individual who is in or runs for office of an important position. Hopefully safeguards can be added so this can never happen again .
    Shame and a pox on the media and greedy unscrupulous people who have been promoting the hatred, and vile language of misdirection.

  • Avatar
    David Deppisch , Direct link to comment

    One thing that amazes me is WHEN the coup began, Remember that the pundits in the media laughed at Trump and gave him the same chance as a snowball in hell to win the election. But the mechanization against Trump started before his nomination. They must have seen him as an existential threat so early on and in spite of Queen Pantsuit’s adoration from the press and pollsters.

  • Avatar
    Chris Philips , Direct link to comment

    I doubt anyone will see jail time, much less prison. The current federal bureaucracy is a golden goose- neither Durham nor anyone else will be allowed to kill it.

  • Avatar
    Rocky , Direct link to comment

    I agree with all the points until you get to #9 and #10. Neither one of these will happen. You’re going to see a lot of bluster, but at the end of the day nothing will happen. At that point you will realize that you’ve been played.

  • Avatar
    Diana Jovan , Direct link to comment

    These 10 predictions should come true because they should be the normal course of action in any country in the world…but not here in the US. Unfortunately, the US has become a banana republic when it comes to the legal/justice system. One set of rules for the people and a different set for the elites, republicans or democrats. How many times have we seen politicians getting rich , their relatives making hundreds of millions of dollars as a result oof shady deals, nepotism and abuse of power, and yet nobody ever faced any consequences. If i feel this way, there must be at least a few million people like me who feel the same. There is no justice in America. I will believe otherwise when i see it.

  • Avatar
    Sandman , Direct link to comment

    I certainly hope the indictments are spread far and wide, and high enough up in the federal apparatus to ensure this type of sedition and/or treason never happens again. I also hope for the long prison sentences, or even more harsh punishments for, absent true and oh-so-very-serious consequences, the American people will continue to lose faith in our civic institutions. People need to HANG for this.

  • Avatar
    DJ , Direct link to comment

    Why is Durham taking so long? If I was a coup plotter and I knew that nothing will happen until spring 2020, I would start planning my escape.

  • Avatar
    Kevin Mark Bauer , Direct link to comment

    I think , as do some others , that Prosecutor John Durham will start Indicting the Coup Plotters in advance of his Report in the “Late Spring / Early Summer” I also am of the thought that it will be revealed that this was not just a “Soft Coup” against President Trump but that Assassination of President Trump or members of his Family was also discussed among the Plotters and Foreign Government Officials. Just a “Q”unch.
    Peace Y

  • Avatar
    SneakyWino , Direct link to comment

    No deals. It’s too late. They were offered over a year ago. #WWG1WGA

  • Avatar
    Scott , Direct link to comment

    #6 should read …CIA AND THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION including the 44th president and his Vice President. With regard to who started the coup attempt

  • Avatar
    Autonomous Collective , Direct link to comment

    Prediction #10 is my favorite. Let Justice prevail.

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