What If You Could Start Feeling Better From COVID-19 In As Little As 5 Hours?


How quickly could we reopen the economy?

Most of the media has shunned doctors and researchers who have argued that they are having success treating COVID-19 with a generic drug – hydroxychloroquine – that has a 70-year track record and is in widespread use worldwide.

Critics became extremely vocal after President Trump mentioned the drug during a Coronavirus Task Force White House briefing suggesting that since it has a 70-year demonstrated safety record and any possible side effects are well documented that it certainly would be worthy “trying.” In fact, social media has even gone as far as to remove mention of the drug on Facebook and YouTube if they felt there was “misinformation.” Any discussion should be shut down apparently…

Here are some screenshots of the articles you get on Google when you search for the drug – all the “top stories” are negative towards Hydroxychloroquine.

Despite the critics, the NIH has started a study to test the drug’s efficacy with a group of high-risk healthcare workers starting this month. Interestingly that trial study will use Dr. Zellenko’s hydroxychloroquine/zinc combo. Dr. Zellenko continues to claim great success using this combination in his medical practice in New York.

One wonders perhaps how many deaths might have been avoided if the rhetoric over possible treatments for COVID-19 had not been entangled in politicized rhetoric?

Of note, hydroxychloroquine was known by the NIH to be effective in stopping the replication of coronavirus as far back as 2005. This was an in vitro study – not in vivo – meaning it was not studied in humans, just in the test tube or petri dish…

NIH Study: Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread. Published 22 August 2005

Dr. Ivette Lozano, on The Ingraham Angle, discusses her results treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine.