Who Is Providing The Bricks (And Other Props) For The Riots?


Dallas protestors film a pallet of bricks placed in front of what is believed to be a courthouse, as the young man in the video below says that he’s not going to say what building this is but that he “did jury duty three months ago” and “you all don’t keep no bricks right there.”

Charlie Kirk took to Twitter to say ask why the FBI is not investigating what appears to be “organized terror” in our cities. “Who is funding it?” he asks.

Breaking 911 (@Breaking911) reported via Twitter that there continue to be videos surfacing which show pallets of bricks or pavers placed near riot locations where there appears to be NO construction ongoing.

In the video below, a black woman is seen returning a brick to a white woman sitting in a car with others asking why she would give a group of black men a brick. “Are you stupid?” She asks if they are trying to get the men killed.