Where’s The Line? Who And What Is Safe Anymore? Do Most Americans Support Burning It All Down?



Yesterday in Portland, Oregon, George Washington’s statue was set ablaze with an American flag, defaced with graffiti that read “Genocidal colonist” and then toppled.

We were told the initial “toppings” and defacing of statues was due to the racism which was represented by confederate era statues.

Additionally, reporting indicates that Portland too will have its own “autonomous zone.” Andy Ngo, who has been covering ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter protests for a number of years, noted that there were no police in the area when the statue was damaged and then toppled.

Ngo also reported that one of the ANTIFA groups who organized the desecration of Washington’s statue also “urinated on head of the toppled” statue. The group who was reporting on the activities on Twitter is called the PNW Youth Liberation Front – presumably the Pacific NorthWest Youth Liberation Front.


In Chicago, George Washington statue was defaced with “Burn the White House down,” God bless AmeriKKKa” and “Slave Owner!” Commentators on Twitter have noted this is not about George Floyd but more about using his name for a communist insurgency.

Herman Cain said that “this isn’t about the history of slavery, police brutality, or even George Floyd. They’re being exploited by a dedicated cadre of anti-American anarchists and socialists in pursuit of their pre-existing goals. How long will we tolerate it?

As Ami Horowitz (@AmiHorowitz) noted on Twitter – “Welcome to Mao’s Cultural Revolution.” In case you think he’s exaggerating, the Chinese have been pushing the ANTIFA and BLM and George Floyd protestors and rioters are part of “America’s Cultural Revolution.”

Update: There is reporting that police were sent into Portland’s newly established autonomous zone to dismantle it and reporting by Sean Hannity says that Portland’s mayor says “I don’t want an autonomous Zone” after protesters target his home.