Ohio Restaurant Gives “Tongue In Cheek” Award to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf


Breakwell BBQ in Ohio, approximately five miles from Erie County, Pennsylvania says that Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania, where many counties remain in lockdown, is his “employee of the month.” Owner, Mike Morgan says that he estimates two-thirds of his customers are from Pennsylvania, mostly Erie County.

“We’ve broken all kinds of sales records, and we know that big chunk of it is that Pennsylvania is shut down,” Morgan told Erie News Now.

Morgan noted that while he was “making a killing” he was not happy that he was doing it at the expense of other business owners in Pennsylvania who were suffering because of Wolf’s shutdown orders.

He said he knew people just want to get out of the house and enjoy themselves.

“Yes, we’re busier than normal, but we do well anyway,” he told Erie News Now.. “I want them people over there to open up and feed their families. I feel for the waitresses. They gotta feed their kids.”