White House: National Media Not Reporting On Nationwide Weekend Of Deadly Violence


Says defund police movement is misguided.

At today’s White House press briefing Kayleigh McEnany said that we saw violence over Father’s Day weekend in many cities and “scant media coverage of this violence.” “The states are responsible for policing their streets, the governors, the mayors are responsible for ensuring that our streets are safe and that the American people are protected.”

“What we have seen in far too many Democrat-run states and Democrat-run cities we have seen violence and chaos.” “In Chicago for instance we saw over 100 were shot” over the weekend, including a three-year-old. “The New York Post reported that there was one shooting per hour this Saturday” in NYC. McEnany also discussed Seattle’s autonomous zone – CHOP – noting that with one person killed in the zone over the weekend, this was not what the Seattle Mayor described as the “summer of love.” It is the responsibility of governors to police their states. The defund police movement is misguided and “will only hurt the vulnerable citizens of American cities.”

Here are more details of what happened over the weekend.


Eleven people have been shot and one person has been killed in an overnight shooting in Minneapolis. The incident began on Sunday morning at 12:37 a.m. when multiple calls were made to emergency services regarding numerous people being shot on the 2900 block of Hennepin Avenue South, according to ABC News.

New York City

The White House said that at least 24 people were killed in NYC over the weekend during today’s press conference. And there are images on Twitter showing at least two of those murders in broad daylight (below).





Sean Hannity took to Twitter to report that 102 were shot in Chicago over the weekend. Wayne Dupree posted, asking “Do black lives matter to anyone in Chicago? His post linked to his article that states “they only seem to matter when the black life is taken by a white guy…”


There were at least two shootings, one resulting in a fatality, in Seattle over the weekend. CHOP’s security took a phone of someone filming the violence and recorded themselves inadvertently – not realizing the phone was still live streaming.

Another Twitter user (@AngieSkys) commented that “I’m not sure this Utopia thing is working out too well. But power to the people.”