The Mind-Boggling Hypocrisy Of Black Lives Matter


Saturday, June 20, 2020 – Chicago – 3-year-old Mekhi James, was shot when someone opened fire on his father’s car as they drove down the 600 block of North Central Avenue. The boy was rushed to West Suburban Medical Center where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

A few hours later 13-year-old Amaria Jones was hit by a bullet that tore through the wall of her apartment while she was watching television. Amaria was struck in the neck. She died at Stroger Hospital a short time later. Two teenage boys, ages 15 and 16, were wounded in the same attack.
Amaria’s death was the second shooting death in her family in less than nine months. Her cousin, Derrick Burns, was shot in September less than a mile from where she was killed. He was just 20.

These are just two of the fourteen people, including five children, who were killed as more than 100 people were shot over Father’s Day Weekend in Chicago. Amongst those shot and not killed were seven more juveniles. Virtually all of the victims were Black.

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, as this unprecedented bloodletting was still in progress Black Lives Matter, the national organization that pretends an intense focus on the value of Black lives in America struck back. It rushed onto the streets of our nation’s capital and declared” Black Joy Sunday.” It then announced that it was establishing a Black House Autonomous Zone (BHAZ) in Washington, DC. The historic St. Johns Church was defaced. Efforts were made to topple a statue of Andrew Jackson, our 7th President.

Accusations were leveled against the D.C. police. The usual demands for abolishment of all police forces nationwide were made. Tents were pitched.
In Chicago, the group remained strangely silent.

In Chicago as in most major cities, the overwhelming majority of people killed in homicides are Black. Usually, they are young Black men. Typically, those Black men are killed by other young Black men.

In fact, studies in the past in Chicago have shown that 75% of those people murdered were Black and that 71% of their murderers were Black. Overwhelmingly these murders were shootings.

This is the real crisis concerning Black Lives in America, desperate young Black men fighting over drugs and territory and carrying out what amounts to some sort of sick, self-inflicted genocide in the progress. It continues all day, every day, without slackening on the streets of Chicago, on the streets of Baltimore, and on the streets of virtually every other major American city.

This has nothing to do with Black men being hunted by police. It has nothing to do with racism, in the sense of the attitudes of today’s population. It has to do with a toxic blend of socio-economic problems and misguided government policies that have condemned large chunks of our Black population to deep poverty and lives of despair.

Want to make an impact on this horrifying cycle of violence?

Abandon the tired Democratic policies that have destroyed the family structure in the inner city and focused obsessively on handouts and making lives marginally more comfortable in poverty.

Adopt policies that encourage businesses to return to the inner city and to employ their residents.

Establish apprenticeship and training programs to provide a bridge between life on the street and a successful career.

Get serious about education. Stop making the teachers’ unions’ demands your primary concern and actually start caring about the children. Adopting school choice legislation and letting poor kids have the same kinds of educational options as rich kids would be a good place to start.

Get behind law enforcement. No city can survive if everyone that has the means is fleeing to the suburbs to escape violence and harassment. No business will stay within city limits if the mayor and city council are more worried about coddling looters than they are about protecting private property.

Stop lying. Stop pretending that every problem is the result of institutional forces, global conspiracies, and “white privilege.” Tell the truth about what is happening and what it will take to stop it.

The Black Lives Matter activists in D.C., of course, don’t actually care about any of this. They’re not really looking for justice or equality or change as most of us know it. If they were they wouldn’t be spray painting graffiti on national monuments. They’d be on the streets of Chicago talking to angry young Black men and telling them to stop killing each other.

No, in point of fact, Black Lives Matter doesn’t actually care about Black lives. It cares about its revolutionary agenda and transforming the world’s greatest democracy into a Marxist state. Black lives matter to them only as cannon fodder for a revolutionary cause.

On the streets of D.C., the “heroes” of Black Lives Matter are spray painting their graffiti and chanting their slogans as we speak. Meanwhile, in Chicago the killing continues. It is another day in the mind-boggling hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter.