Please Stop Calling Them Peaceful Protests – Where Is The Media?


The House Democrats just held a press conference to discuss police reform legislation that they are planning to introduce in Congress later today. Throughout that press conference, they refer to the “peaceful demonstrations” and demonstrators. What most of the public is not seeing if they are watching mainstream media and reading mainstream publications is the absolute destruction that has occurred in cities across our nation.

Obviously, there are and have been peaceful protestors. But the destruction across the nation speaks for itself.

Washignton, D.C.

On H Street in Washington D.C., site of the now named “Black Lives Matter Plaza” where demonstrations and protests have been taking place for weeks, you can see where bricks have been removed from the sidewalks. The narrative has been “why did the White House break up peaceful protests for the Trump administration to walk” to St. John’s Church across from the White House? Photos from that area show that in places about half of those bricks have been removed and presumably used as weapons.

Photo collage showing road closures by protesters, damage to historic St. John’s Church and the attempted toppling of the Andrew Jackson statue.

Photos posted on Twitter show the destruction near the H Street protests. Businesses and buildings are boarded up. The video below, posted to Twitter, by Elijah Schaffer, shows both a journalist being attacked but the destruction done to businesses and property in the background as well.

Seattle, Washington

In Seattle’s CHOP “autonomous zone” there are extensive images of the damage done to local businesses. As Andy Ngo continues to report, this is about “extremism” as those in the zone talk about “burn the who sh*t down.” A BLM leader is quoted as saying “I’m not here to peacefully protest…”

In the Fox News video below posted by Lonny Smith, you can see some of the destruction in the background. Also, Seattle businesses and residents are now suing the City of Seattle for failure to protect them from the vandalism, destruction, and removal of law enforcement from the CHOP zone. The video also shows the destruction of statues as well.

Manhattan, New York

This is footage taken in New York City, circa 16 June 2020. It shows blocks and blocks of damaged stores and buildings. The footage is of downtown Manhattan from 5th Avenue going up towards 59th Street. “Everything is boarded up.” “They smashed everything up.” “Madison Avenue boarded up. Manhattan is finished…they cleared it up.” “All the high-end stores boarded up.” “The media will not report this…not one window left. The media does not show it, because this is what happened.” “Manhattan is boarded up – they don’t want to show this to you people, because they’re afraid.”