“Summer Of Love” Mayor Can’t Eliminate CHOP? Two Teenagers Shot Today By CHOP ‘Security’


One dead, the other in critical condition.

Two teenagers, both black males, were shot by CHOP (also known as CHAZ) security today. One of the teenager, a 16-year-old was killed, the other, a 14-year-old, was injured. According to Fox News, the 14-year-old is in critical condition

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced last week that it was time for the CHOP zone to be closed down. However, CHOP anarchists are refusing to leave. Durkan, however, decided that she would “encouraged” the CHOP anarchists to leave the zone and not resort to utilization of police officers.

The protesters in the CHOP/CHAZ autonomous zone have declared that they will not leave the zone until their “demands are met.”

Their demands include: 1) Defund the Seattle Police Department by 50%; 2) Fund Black communities; and 3) Free all protesters.