European Union Bans U.S. Tourists From Entering Indefinitely


EU Bans U.S. tourists but gives China a green light to travel into the EU? Isn’t there a surge of COVID-19 cases in Beijing?

The European Union (EU) announced a ban on tourists from the U.S. in its coronavirus reopening protocols. They noted that U.S. tourists were being banned “indefinitely” from entering European Union nations. The list of allowed nations, however, includes China – if China agrees to reciprocity. According to NPR reporting, the EU list “requires reciprocal easing of travel bans” and the U.S. currently is barring travel from most European countries. Also cited is the “spike” in Coronavirus cases in some U.S. states.

The hold on U.S. tourists, along with other banned nations, will be revisited every 14 days says the EU.

Meanwhile, China placed 400,000 people on lockdown near Beijing amid surge….