European Study Finds Strong Correlation Between Severe Vitamin D Deficiency And COVID-19 Mortality Rates


A study conducted by Doctors Isaac Z. Pugach and Sofya Pugach conducted a study to determine whether Vitamin D levels have a protective effect on decreasing COVID-19 severity and symptoms. The authors note that the “SARS-CoV-2 virus causes a ver wide range of COVID-19 disease severity in humans – from completely asymptomatic to fatal, and the reasons behind it are often not understood.”

The authors analyzed European country-wide data to determine if Vitamin D levels are associated with COVID-19 population death rates.

The authors concluded that there was a strong or significant correlation between severe Vitamin D deficiency and the death rate from COVID-19.

The study is currently being peer-reviewed. The authors recommend “universal screening for Vitamin D deficiency and further investigation of Vitamin D supplementation in randomized control studies – which may lead to possible treatment or prevention of COVID-19.”