LIVE: Assembly For Freedom – Now In Harrisburg, PA – Cries Of “Impeach Wolf”


Thousands of protestors from around Pennsylvania have assembled in advance of the program of speakers who will discuss legislators’ efforts to overturn Governor Wolf’s emergency powers which have seen recent moves by Wolf to continue lockdowns in the state.

Just last week, Wolf moved restaurants back down to just 25% occupancy – which includes employees – a level most businesses say that they cannot pay salaries, bills and overheard costs.

Protestors in Harrisburg, PA, July 22, 2020

Many state legislators have been very vocal in opposition to Wolf’s measures – including state Senator Mastriano, who will be speaking at today’s “Assembly For Freedom” on the capital steps.

Many placards among the protestors – calling for the governor’s impeachment or removal. This is about the lockdowns – not the masks or just the masks as many in the press have been reporting – claimed Senator Mastriano in a recent Facebook post.

Many in the crowd are labeling Wolf a dictator, emperor or “king” – given that they feel he has not consulted with the state legislator or business groups – particularly small business owner who are suffering the most.