Censored Doctors Give Second Press Conference – “Don’t Let Social Media & Big Tech Companies Shutdown This Message”



America’s Frontline Doctors scheduled a second press conference to denounce the censorship of their message in their first press conference yesterday. One of the doctors noted that in addition to FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube removing videos of their press conference, particularly when started early on.

Hydroxychloroquine works, say these doctors. It’s safe they say. If we use it as a prophylactic, we might be able to stop this virus in its tracks. Countries that have a high use of hydroxychloroquine are also showing fewer folks succumbing to COVID-19.

Another topic they addressed is the harm being done to American – all of their health.

A pediatrician from California said that his patients are seriously declining since the onset of lockdowns meant to slow the spread of coronavirus – increased bedwetting, self-harm behavior, even suicide. He reported that not one single child in California has died from COVID-19. He also stated that not a single adult has contracted the virus from children. This is “not a medical crisis, this is an emotional crisis.

The group says we need a strategy to end this pandemic. They are asking that folks “tweet” the hashtag #HCQworks to the President and other politicians. They say you do not need to listen to them – they encourage you to call your own doctor and ask questions. Is HCQ approved by the FDA? Is HCQ safe?

The doctors were heckled doing their second press conference from folks passing by… “Where’s your mask? You have to wear the masks.” And also “Black Lives Matter.” One of the doctors approached the man yelling these calls and pointed out that his mask had literal holes in it. At one point the man yelled that he was “blacker” than her – that would be Dr. Stella Emmanuel, an American from Cameroon, who was trained as a doctor in Nigeria.

The doctors say they are motivated to save American lives which is why they are speaking out and encouraging other doctors to do the same.