Ohio’s Pharmacy Board Prohibiting Physicians From Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine For COVID-19?


Governor DeWine Says Ban Should Be Lifted

The state of Ohio just issued a Bannon on the use of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID-19. According to @Breaking911,” the Ohio Department of Health spokesperson said the drug touted by President Donald Trump is not an effective treatment.” The rule goes into effect Thursday.

Just this week, a group of physicians called “America’s Frontline Doctors” held a two-day health summit in Washington D.C. to discuss the treatment and prevention of COVID-19, as well as to highlight what they believe is serious misinformation about the coronavirus and its spread. The physicians also claimed there was an “orchestrated attack on hydroxychloroquine.”

According to the Columbus Dispatch,

Gov. Mike DeWine has asked the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy to rescind its plan to ban hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine as treatments for coronavirus.

Beginning Thursday, pharmacies, clinics and other medical institutions were to be prohibited from dispensing or selling the drugs to treat COVID-19, according to new regulations issued by the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. They can still be used in clinical trials, said Cameron McNamee, director of policy and communications for the board

But, DeWine said this morning that he thinks the decision of how to treat COVID-19 should instead be between patients and their doctors.

One of the doctors from America’s Frontline Doctors just tweeted that DeWine is reversing the decision by the Ohio Pharmacy Board, but in other reporting, it is stated that he has asked the board to reverse their ban. Either way, Dr. Simone Gold says this is “good news” and we “cannot allow the continued politicization of medicine.” Dr. Simone and the other physicians in her group believe that hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for COVID-19, was proven to be effective against the SARS2 virus in 2005 (by National Institutes of Health), and is safe and cost effective.