Thousands March In Berlin Against Government’s Coronavirus Measures


Numerous news outlets reported Saturday’s massive march in Berlin, Germany against the government’s coronavirus measures. Those interviewed said a variety of things about the Merkel government’s measures meant to keep the German public safe – in sum, the protestors were rejecting mask requirements, school, and work shutdowns and said they wanted their lives to return to normal.

Separately, ABC, CBS, AP News, Reuters, and the BBC reported the protesters to number around 20,000 while many on social media claimed the numbers were much higher – starting with those who said they were in the 100,000’s to those that said the crowd reached one million or more. None of those higher numbers have been verified by German officials.

Those marching referred to this being “Freedom Day” or “Zag der Freiheit” in German. Many of the signs in the crowd read “Stop with the lies,” Masks make us slaves,” and “We are the people. We are fed up. Today marks the end of the pandemic.” Descriptions of the protestors ranged across the mainstream media from all far-right groups to neo-nazi groups, to groups of mixed left and right groups and some included “anti-vaxxers” in their descriptions of those protesting.

Sharyl Attkisson reported that “officials plan charges against organizers of protest’ proving one again that…some protests are more equal than others.”

“Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Max Bachmann, a journalist who covered the protest and who understands what their issue is, how the movement began and where it’s going from here!” Bachmann stated that this was the largest non-NGO planned protest he has ever witnessed in Berlin and that the organizers were able to bring together many politically disparate and unorganized groups to stage yesterday’s march.