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Harry Reid
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The Inmate Runs The Assylum

(Yes, the "Assylum" was a pun) Now that the legislation has passed the House, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is still whining about how much he hates Cut, Cap & Balance.

In his own words:
If they [Republicans] want to debate it tomorrow for a period of time, they can do that, but I'm going to -- I think this piece of legislation is about as weak and senseless as anything that has ever come on this Senate floor, and I am not going to waste the Senate's time day after day on this piece of legislation which I think is an anathema to what our country is all about. So everyone understand, we're going to have a vote tomorrow. I'm not going to wait until Saturday. We're going to have a vote tomorrow. I feel confident that this legislation will be disposed of one way or the other. The American people should understand that this is a bad piece of legislation. Perhaps some of the worst legislation in the history of this country.

Of course, Harry Reid would know all about "the worst legislation in the history of this country," seeing as how he was one of the main proponents of Obamacare.

I find it interesting that Reid doesn't lay out what, specifically, he has a problem with in Cut, Cap & Balance.? He calls it "weak" and "senseless," but the bill itself is only ten pages long - it says what needs to be said, no more, no less.? And Cut, Cap & Balance is one of the most sensible bills to come out of Congress in quite a long time - it forces the government to live within its means, something all of the politicians, Democrat or Republican, have paid plenty of lip service to.? It's about time they finally started following through.

The problem is, Harry Reid is and President Obama are two peas in a pod: they love to knock the Republicans for their unwillingness to compromise, but they're both so steeped in their ideological ignorance, they wouldn't know good legislation if it fell on their heads.? After all, to them, "good" legislation consists of massive bills written in legalese that no one can hope to understand that bring about massive bureaucracy and end up being bad for America.

And so, the man who spent over 6 minutes talking about football on the Senate floor doesn't want to waste time debating legislation that could secure the US government's financial future and help to get the US economy back on track.

Of course, the same man who deigns to lecture us on what a bad piece of legislation Cut, Cap & Balance allegedly is, is the same man who, not that long ago, was urging the Senate to follow the example of the Democratic Senate of the 90s...back when Reid himself voted for a balanced budget amendment.

Harry Reid is nothing more than a partisan ideological blowhard.? But, of course, Washington is a town full of ideological blowhards, which makes it difficult to say whether Cut, Cap & Balance will make it through a vote in the Senate tomorrow.? But as hard as the Democrats have been trying to use the current debt ceiling debate to make the Republicans look bad, if the Democrats vote down Cut, Cap & Balance, there will be no question as to who is truly preventing solutions from being enacted.

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