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Let's Win Our Country Back in 2012

While we're in the midst of the search for the GOP nominee for the White House in 2012 and while we wade through the worst economy since the Great Depression, let's stop the blame game. Instead, let's all take a breath and consider group therapy for the entire country. Forget about the co-pay and stop with the 'but...but...but...' The problem isn't Barack Obama. OK, I take that back. He and his leadership, or the utter lack thereof, is a part of the problem but it's not the whole problem. How'd he get to be president in the first place?

What was that? I can't hear you! Did you say he was voted into office? Then whose fault would that be? Ever heard the expression that when you're pointing one finger at someone or something, you're pointing three back at yourself? Consider that relative to the state of our great country and the direction we're headed in. When we get clear, it's us! We the People! We, yes, we are the problem. And only we can fix us! That's the good news. The bad news? We must realize that we have a problem in the first place and that the problem is us and our actions, words and votes. The denial and the blaming has to stop.

So, do we need to fix all of us? No, and I don't mean, 'well, only the liberals need fixing' or 'only the 58 million of you purportedly smart folks who voted for Obama need to be fixed'. Rather, we need to fix the things that we wouldn't necessarily think of. For example, think about how we got here in the first place. How did we get to 9.2% unemployment with more than 20% of the population of this great country on some form of public assistance? How can it be that 1 in 5 men aren't working? How do we have a record number of houses underwater and a record number of homes in foreclosure? How is it that the lack of confidence in our financial system has inspired stock market volatility that only a masochist would joy in?

Where did we go wrong that our country has been running without a federal budget for more than 800 days because the democrats didn't want to show a deficit? No, I'm not kidding! That's the reason why Pelosi's House of Representatives never drew up a budget for consideration; that would be the fault of the republicans and George Bush, by the way. Apparently she thinks that the American people are as dumb as, or dumber than, she is. Maybe we are because we are, at least in part, to blame for the current state of our country.

Whenever we're in a situation that is not pleasing to us, as a general rule, we look for someone to blame. It's his fault, her fault, their fault or worse still, the false boogeyman argument. It's "the man's fault" or the "rich corporate jet owner" who is to blame. Or it's the Tea Party's fault, Bush's fault or the fault of 'a vast right wing conspiracy', the infamous Hillary Clinton accusation. Or maybe her husband had a lurid affair with an intern but that's neither here nor there. While it's 2011 and could, therefore, conceivably be the fault of any or all of the above, I would argue that it's far simpler: it's our fault.

Are you shocked and stuttering? Stammering? Thinking, '...but...it's Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the democrats...'? Take a breath and think about it. Ask yourself a question not only about them but about every politician. Who put them there in the first place? Now who are those fingers pointing at? Ah yes, you and I and the other supposedly bright American electorate. We put this merry band of idiots who can't reason, think, add or use common sense into office. Brilliant people we are! Indeed!

So, let's back up. Nope, it's not as simple as going back to 2008, though there are crumbs of fault there. Granted Obama has accumulated more debt in his nearly 3 years in office than Washington through Reagan combined. Still, that's not the point. How did the people who approved those expenditures get into office? Hhmmm?

Regardless of whether it's unemployment, taxation, gun rights, jobs, the lack of God in the public square, our blatant disrespect for life, the hypocrisy of people who are opposed to the death penalty and harming a leaf or a lizard but fine with harming an unborn child, the crushing regulations put upon businesses, in particular small business owners, or the fact that our defense budget is the tiniest it's ever been while we try to fight 4 wars and entitlements have grown to grotesque proportions, whose fault is that? If you said, 'um, mine...and yours...and ours...' you would be correct.

Who hasn't paid attention? Who has voted once every 2 years for years, patted themselves on the back for 'participating' and then watched things go awry like it's part of a circus show over which you had no input or control? Who abdicated their responsibility then got angry when they looked up and discovered the cute little car they were driving was hanging over the rail, dangerously close to the rapids with no great plan for escape without harm of some sort coming to everybody in the car in peril because they took their eyes off the road? Are you shaking your head, trying to tell me it's not you? Have you ever voted? Yes? Well then I hate to break bad news to you but, kittens and pups alike, you are indeed at fault!

Yes, we have a people problem! It's not a democratic or republican problem, a right wing or left wing problem or even a liberal or conservative problem. It is a people problem and yes, we are the people who are the problem. We all bear responsibility for it! Not the rich or the poor, the black or the white, the thin or the thick. We The People is all of us. If you vote, you have a responsibility and if you've voted and gone on with your life, if you've kept your mouth shut, you share the fault for the stench emanating from D.C.!

The Founding Fathers gave us a huge responsibility and we have failed horribly!
We have screwed up royally and now we're paying for it. Between the lies and the denials, the abuse and the drama, the overspending and the under accounting, we have a huge problem. It starts and ends with us.

So what do we do now? We've had our credit rating downgraded and no amount of bashing Standard and Poore is going to change it. Charm and threats apparently were ineffective, too. We are in a very perilous place, at a pivotal point in history. Real unemployment is close to 20%, oil rigs, along with great jobs, aren't coming back to the Gulf of Mexico or the US anytime soon and, sadly, nobody has confidence in us or our policies, our sense of direction or the sorry excuses for leaders in this country. As doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, we must change.

We must bring about change equal to a political earthquake in 2012. We have to change how we think, act and react. We must have a different, new conversation. More than 60% of the people rejected Obamacare and yet we were ignored. Obama now thinks we want MORE taxes, even as unemployment hovers above 9% and we sent the Tea Party conservatives to Washington to get spending under control, not to be mocked by democrats and labeled terrorists. We are awake now and we must wake up our leaders.

It's our country, our House and We the People must pay attention and take back control. You and I must vet the people who would be our next president. Ask questions until you're left with asking about a candidate's favorite color. Research them. In the past, we paid no mind and now we're paying for years of indifference, in spades and it's not pretty! Now, we must fix it. Do your homework and if someone isn't who you thought they were, be glad you found out now and move on. If you've finally figured Obama and the democrats out, get it right this time!

When the pontificating and the teleprompter reading's done and the light's go out, that's when you find out who and what you've got. Right now we've got a mess and next year we have a chance to clean every thing out if need be, or maybe we just need some deep cleaning and some of the furniture can stay. Get smart, speak up and start having real conversations about real issues, real money and the real values we've strayed from and stop the blaming! We're all at fault.

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