Conspiracies and ron paul

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Why do conspiracy theorists love Ron Paul?

To sum it up. Conspiracy theorists love him because he says to "end The Fed." He's a candidate that speaks of ultimate government transparency, simplicity, and downgrading in size. These are all things your average conspiracy theorists wants to here. I would say more than any candidate, Ron Paul is the quintessential Libertarian candidate, the one that stands relentlessly for a mass cut of everything government. In my view to a degree of madness, but you do have to at least give credit where credit it due, and he is generally pretty consistent. He says things that enrage Republicans and Democrats, but also has a unique following of individuals that have an inherent distrust in government power and thus want to see as much of reduced as possible, and congressmen Paul is really the only candidate out there advocating such a plan.

While there is the new Republican Party of deficit-hawks, an incredible irony looking at how strongly so many of these folks supported Mr. Bush and the deficit bash of 00's. Can we call the 2000+ years, the 0's? Anyway, it's incredibly amazing, even humorous to see these candidates that so strongly supported extensive spending, massive tax cuts we couldn't afford, huge overhauls and expansions of homeland security, foreign wars, and a loosening of regulation suddenly pretend to be the party of fiscal responsibility. Obama and the Democrats have been spending cash, but a car doesn't screen to an immediate halt when you're driving 200 miles an hour on a freeway, some of the spending many would argue was and is necessary to fix the economy and create a fertile ground for future job creation.

Ron Paul, however, has from day one always insisted on doing it his way. He was ridiculed in the election of the 2008, and only a few short years later is close to winning straw polls and whatever kind of polls they throw out there. Suddenly his message is actually on cue with the current Republican message, interestingly though - he is still considered by the mainstream media as a junk candidate with no possibility of winning a nomination. But in a sense, how in the world would Bachmann or others with such unimpressive resumes gain such incredible national attention and be considered top teir candidates? Maybe it's age or his kind of low key lankiness? Kind of Mr. Rogers type fellow who doesn't have the electricity to win? Either way, if polling means anything he is a serious contender in the Republican field, but this leads me to a bigger question.

While he doesn't spout any kind of conspiracies his natural distrust for all things government, and his relentless commitment to an unwavering policy of free market capitalism, virtually free of regulation appeals to those that feel everything is being secretly controlled, monitored, regulated by a big corporate system. A Ron Paul candidate appears to be a voice of reason in a field of power players. His unassuming style in this crowd is all the more powerful, and in today's crowd of conspiracy theorists, believing Obama is a Muslim terrorist, with a healthcare plan ready to kill Grandma, and plan to turn America into some kind of Soviet Russia / Nazi Germany type thing, the simple guy from Texas seems like the safe choice. Where Bush is known as the kind of guy you can have a beer with, Paul is the kind of guy you can board up your windows in a cabin in the middle of nowhere wearing tin foil hats with. Based on today's political climate I wouldn't count this guy out completely, he might win a state or two, or at the very least dramatically alter certain candidates chances. I think, actually he probably as I have been predicting will continue to split the far-right portions of the party, alongside Bachmann, Perry, and others now trying to emulate Perry's style, ultimately handing the nomination to the one candidate that actually seems semi-sane. Mitt Romney.

However, a Harvard guy (maybe has some kind of Skull & Bones Fed connection) so he's probably in on the New World Order so get your tin foil hats ready - you don't want him and his cultish Mormon / Massachusetts-based mind manipulation machines controlling your thoughts. It's already gotten to mine. VOTE ROMNEY. VOTE ROMNEY. Strange. I usually don't repeat sentences in a robotic way like that, or write them for that matter.

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