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Occupy "All Streets"

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OWS is turning into a fist fight. Who's hungrier?

As I write, several occupy cities across the country, including the original encampment at Zuccotti Park, have been shut down by police. There's been hundreds of arrest and stepped-up violence on both sides. The kettle's boiling over, the shit's hitting the fan and the fat lady's warming up her vocal chords. Yet while some people might be ready to call this thing a technical knock out, I get a feeling OWS hasn't even begun to fight. You know that look Manny Pacquiao gets around the tenth round? Government officials beware!

At the core is the notion that things aren't right, and that things aren't fair. The movement has been slow to identify specific goals, because the greed, corruption and special interest malfeasance is so widespread and prolific.

Case in point; yesterday, The Huffington Post reported that over several years, former speaker of the house, Newt Gingrich accepted over one and a half million dollars as a "lobbyist" from housing giant Fannie Mae, contradicting his own pontification in 2008 when he chastised then candidate Barack Obama for taking campaign contributions from the same entity. In a Fox News interview given at the time, Gingrich suggested that Obama should have returned the money given to him by the troubled mortgage giant and that he was wrong in ever taking the fees. When asked about his own "lobby fee" to the very same organization, Gingrich sidestepped the issue, said he was acting as a paid historian, and that he couldn't recall the amount. Oh really Newt? Down south we call that the two-step. Hypocrite, liar, and two-faced moron also come to mind.

Or there was the 60 Minutes piece a few days earlier that had Nancy Pelosi on the hot seat for raking in big profits based on inside information garnered on legislation she knew about and acted on BEFORE the general public. Psss Nancy... its called insider trading! She implied reporter Steve Croft committed an act of heresy by just asking the question. She smugly looked down on him and responded "What kind of point are you trying to make?" Nan baby, I call it an ugly abuse of power, no matter how righteous you think you are (and I'm a card carrying leftist!)

The contagion of corruption and greed goes on and on. Investment firms like Lehman Brothers creating derivative swaps with liability to asset ratio's of 40 to 1. Uh... that would be a $100,000 piece of real estate secured by $4,000,000 in mortgage backed securities, then falsely graded "AAA" by Standard and Poors, and then, in a final insult to reason, gets insured by AIG, even though AIG only maintained a fraction of the assets necessary to cover the loss.

If you asked any average citizen on ANY street what the problem is they'll first blame either Democrats or Republicans and then shrug their shoulders. They're mad as hell, but not sure why.

They can point to health care, immigration, big government and Barack Obama till their 401-K's lose "all" their value, but its like comparing a firecracker to a hydrogen bomb. This isn't a right wing or left wing issue. It's a greed issue, and while we're all culpable on some level of mistakes made over the last ten years, (like the Penn State Assistant coach who walked in on the shower rape,) our misdeeds or lack of action pale in comparison to Wall Streets "sodomization" of our economy.

At least the occupiers have the balls and guts (and yes they piss on the street and live with fleas and copulate in their tents and drop F-Bombs like gum wrappers) to say enough is enough. Protests on ANY street have, and always will be, uncomfortable. Just look at the original "flea party" of 1776. Do you think they were orderly and stayed in their gingerbread houses murmuring silently under their breaths? Hell no, they were getting asses whipped in the streets. They started a revolution. Revolutions are ugly.

Got news; the city mayors may not like it, the police may hate it, the "one-percenters" may resent it, and Reaganites might fear it, but the occupy movement will not stop on Wall Street or ANY STREET until meaningful change comes about.

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