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Mr. Woodcock

Interviewer: What did you have to let go of in the past to step into your future?
Seann William Scott: Wow, this is a deep question. I don't know really. I've got nothing.

Billy Bob Thornton: For me, it's a quarter of a gallon of semen!

AM: What was the best advice given to you in your life? And what do you think about "self-taught" books?
SWS: I have never read a self-taught book. As far as the best advice given to me, it's from my dad and it goes like this: "Be yourself and don't quit! Don't give up!"

BBT: My best advice was given to me by singer Johnny Cash: "No matter how much you nod your head and say, 'Oh yeah, that's nice,' at the end of the day, always do it your way."

AM: What type of athlete were you when your were young, and what type of athlete are you now?
SWS: Well, I used to play baseball, basketball and football. Now I'm not doing much. I'm focusing on acting. I had a coach like "Mr. Woodcock." I remember him very well, and he was so hard to deal with. He kind of had an impact on me and helped me with what I do now.

BBT: My dad was a coach, and he taught me a lot about baseball. I'm pretty good at it, actually.

AM: The movie is also looking at family structures. What do you think about the notion of "family values" today?
BBT: I believe that traditional family values are great, but I think you need to teach your kids to be artistic and creative more than anything else. Don't stick to a too rigid system to educate them.

SWS: I do agree!

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