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The 11th Hour with Kenny ausubel

Interviewer: When did you decide to act upon your thoughts and get this picture into motion?
Leonardo DiCaprio: For me, it really started some ten years ago. It's a ten-year process to be part of this movement. I started with two shorts, that are on my website with the same filmmakers, about global warming. But I really wanted then to make a film in 1 hour 30 minutes and hire the best experts on this subject and from around the world. I didn't want me to be the star of the movie but them to be on the forefront of this picture. Also, I wanted to know, on a personal level, what we can do to save our planet. I was curious, and this is why I made this film. It's also to show how medias have a profound effect on the public and can change the way the public thinks about such a subject. Hopefully this film achieves its goal to raise the awareness of people about this dramatic situation.

Kenny Ausubel: Well for me, it started with my parents. My father was a teacher, and during the summer, we would spend three months in the countryside and be lost in nature for that period of time, with my baseball bat and my bicycle. So nature became my church, basically. Later on, I suffered of a stroke and found out it was due to environmental poisoning, from chemical poisoning, and so I took it on to learn about the subject and educate myself. Over time, it grew as a passion and then I dedicated my life to saving nature.

AM: The movie shows how we are all deeply interconnected--how an individual has to raise his level of awareness and how leaders have to affirm their vision and power to save our planet. How do we make things get better? How do we change the way people think and act?
LDC: It's a great way to put it! The truth of the matter is, it's first about personal action, and this gives a good example. We need to live our lives in a more responsible and caring way. We need to endorse new technologies that can clean up our act, clean up the environment. As consumers, we need to be prudent about what we buy. It's also important for the right people that are going to make the right choices and pass the right laws to protect our planet and change the ways things are done today. This would be a wonderful world to live in, if our leaders would take action and endorse green technologies. It would be great if we didn't have to fill up our gas tanks with foreign oil but a better energy that's also can be good for the economy, on top of protecting the environment.

KA: This film is important because it's a brilliant piece of education that is very emotionally moving. In America, we get 90% of our information through the media, so this is important that we have that type of film in the media-space offered to the public. It can really change the way people think and therefore act.

AM: Speaking of acting, when are we going to be able to vote for you when you run for the Senate, or Congress or even the Presidency?
LDC: For me, not any time soon!

KA: I'm running away from office...

AM: Well, thank you guys, and keep the green work growing!
LDC: You bet. Thank you for your support.

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