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Interviewer: So, you've been working on "God" for a while now. What are your conclusions about God? Is there a God? What is it?
Tom Shadyac: Yes, I think that there is a force out there that we call God. I would not even begin to define that in this interview because it would take too much time. Morgan Freeman is my answer for God!

AM: Why Morgan Freeman?
TS: Well, God has to take form somehow, and how many more colors of a rainbow do you get in one person than in Morgan Freeman?! Sense of humor, dignified, presidential, wise, kind--so many colors to the rainbows that are the colors of Morgan Freeman.

AM: Do you think the movie can inspire people to build their own ARKs--Acts of Random Kindness?
TS: I would hope so! That would be nice. We have now 6,000 organizations signed on our website and that are in a program to do that--go to their communities and find a need and go meet the needs...

AM: The movie is also inspiring people to go beyond who they are and what they believe to UNITE. What would you think it would take for the world to truly unite as one?
TS: First of all, we elect you President of your country!

AM: And you President of the USA!
TS: Okay, I'll do it, and we will have good relations! Seriously, the spiritual journey is to wake up! There is an alarm clock in the movie for a reason. We need to wake up. I think that once we wake up to the fact that you and I are connected and we are connected to this larger world we live in, we would behave differently. We would stop treating each other like enemies and realize that your GOOD is my GOOD. And then everything can change...

AM: Is it also that, like you're doing it so well, we need a good sense of humor in this over-dramatized world of ours? Don't we need to break the vicious cycle of pessimism and negative energy in here and out there?
TS: Yes! This is a necessary therapy! It's a national daily recess. Frank Capra believed that comedy was much harder to achieve than drama. Drama portrays things as they were. Comedy looks at things with a perspective, so this is hard to achieve. In the Koran it is written: "He deserves paradise who makes his companion laugh," and I think it's very true. It would be more of a paradise, but in any case, are you going to run for President now?

AM: Well, I was thinking more in terms of the U.N.--that we need to build a new and stronger United Nation, United World...
TS: For sure! First thing we're gonna do is we will take all the military and turn it into humanitarian organizations! We will create a police force for criminal activities all humanitarian-driven. All these things in dollars--you and me!!

AM: Give me the high five to this, my friend!
TS: Wow! Holy hell... Where the hell did that interview go?! What a pleasure to talk to you...

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