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Obama's DOJ Crime and Cover-Up

As a citizen who focuses on the news and current events, it's often frustrating to see what the media is focused on, and think that so many Americans who depend on that media for their news and information are so grossly misinformed and ill-informed as to what is really going on in our nation.

Just take a look at the scandals that President Obama is currently dealing with. Solyndra, the failed "green" energy company that is one of many examples of President Obama's cronyism, has gained a significant amount of press coverage, but that is very likely because that scandal is minor to some of the other actions that have gone on in the Obama administration that are just now coming to light.

Operation Fast and Furious supposedly was the administration's attempt to understand how American guns made it into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. The basic gist of the operation was that the Justice Department, primarily through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), would allow "straw purchasers" so buy weapons in the United States and transport them to Mexico, where they would then be sold to the cartels. The idea, according to ATF and the Justice Department, was to track the movement of guns into Mexico so they could curtail the illegal gun trade...but they ran into a bit of a problem: they lost track of the guns.

ATF allowed around 2,000 weapons to be trafficked into Mexico and put into the hands of the drug cartels for the purposes of tracking them. As of this summer, guns trafficked by the ATF have been linked to around 180 violent crimes in Mexico, and ATF has only recovered around 600 of the weapons. The operation ended when US Border Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed in an altercation. The round that killed Brian Terry came from an AK-47 that was moved into Mexico as part of Operation Fast and Furious.

Let me reiterate: the United States Justice Department was complicit in providing weapons to Mexican drug cartels, and a US Border Agent was killed with one of those weapons.

But even more notable than that is the fact that the administration, including Attorney General Eric Holder, has been lying to Congress, trying to downplay its involvement in the operation. The Congressional investigation has been ongoing for several months now, and it appears that several documents the Administration finally provided to Congress in a large document dump on Friday will result in even more questions for ATF and DOJ officials, as some of those documents directly contradict previous testimony by administration officials. Attorney General Eric Holder himself denied any knowledge of the operation, despite the fact that he had received briefing documents on Fast and Furious multiple times. Considering that the newly released documents show that the Justice Department deliberately lied to Congress, the Obama administration has a lot to answer for.

It also looks like the Justice Department may be engaging in illegal retaliation against the whistle-blowers who outed Operation Fast and Furious, while promoting or protecting the higher-ups responsible for the failed operation.

And now a new story is beginning to surface that besides gunrunning, the Justice Department has also been involved in money laundering operations with Mexican drug cartels, reportedly laundering millions of dollars. As understandable as it is that the Justice Department would want to catch the ringleaders of the cartels, is this really the right way to go about it? Should our law enforcement officials be complicit in gunrunning and money laundering? What do we have to show for it? For Operation Fast and Furious, not much, other than a Justice Department complicit in multiple crimes, including the death of a border agent. How far does it go?

We have a president currently running for reelection who has been disturbingly flippant about his desire to subvert Constitutional restrictions on the power of his office, and as more information comes out about Operation Fast and Furious, the clearer it becomes that the Obama administration is entangled in illegal activities and a cover-up -- and the White House could even be complicit. How unfortunate that Fox News and the right-wing media seem to be the only sources paying attention.

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