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Run The White House As A Business?

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited Aiken, South Carolina on Friday afternoon, January the thirteenth. Romney seemed to have been on a mission on Friday afternoon, as he targeted President Obama rather than the other GOP candidates in his speech. In an interview later with a local reporter, he started out the interview with strong confidence saying he "has what it takes" to beat President Obama in the Presidential race. His reasoning for this claim is that he has an entirely different background than President Obama, regarding how to deal with the economy. Romney boasted quite a bit about his experience in the private sector, dealing with small businesses as well as larger ones. He even took it a step further by saying, " when talking about the economy, and jobs, and rising incomes, I know what I'm talking about, I have experience'he doesn't." (WRDWNews12)

Romney also brought up important topics like creating new jobs and producing domestic energy. He claims that the Obama administration doesn't push for developing our own sources of energy. Romney wants America to develop its own natural resources instead on depending on other countries resources. These changes are only a small portion of Romney's business plan for America if her were to win the presidential election.

But the major question is-- can and should the White House be run as a business? Romney has mentioned before that if he were to become president of America he would indeed run the White House as a business. Romney is very aware of the problem of America not producing enough jobs for its people. He believes that businesses here in America have felt like they've been under attack, especially by the Obama Administration. Romney stated that he would "try to make businesses feel welcome here in America" and make it a place for innovators and job creators.

He finished out his interview on Friday by once again focusing on President Obama. He stated,
I don't believe in turning America into something like Europe, which is what I believe the President is doing. We need to be more like America.
Romney has good ideas and proposals for this country, but his major obstacle might be getting the American people to believe in him and that his ideas will work and help turn this country around.

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