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Huntsman Still Matters

John Huntsman
John Huntsman
January 2012: "Today I am suspending my campaign and supporting the candidate who is best-equipped to defeat the president and return conservative leadership to the White House: Governor Mitt Romney." | ,

Jon Huntsman's departure is a significant boost to Romney

Jon Huntsman's campaign was running on fumes, down in the polls and out of money. So does it matter that he is dropping out and endorsing Mitt Romney? Yes.

A few points to consider:

  • Huntsman's departure is a significant boost to Romney because virtually every Huntsman vote comes from Romney. So even if he only got 4 or 5 percent of the vote in the South Carolina Republican primary, that could have cost Romney a victory. Now the more moderate wing of the party is united while the social conservatives remain divided.

  • Huntsman's campaign was the most effective, by far, at exposing Romney's record of flip flopping. They produced a series of devastatingly funny videos and websites (now taken down). They didn't have much money, however, so most of this stuff didn't make it on TV.

  • When interviewed, Huntsman stated that Romney was "completely out of touch." He has also called him unelectable and suggested to ABC's John Berman that he could not be trusted.

The full statement from Huntsman's website:

Friends '

2012 is the most important election in our lifetime.

After three years of bigger government, higher taxes and more spending, America desperately needs a return to conservative principles: limited government, lower taxes and balanced budgets.

On the campaign trail, I have spoken often about the need to fix not only our nation's economic deficit, but also our deficit of trust and unity.

America is more divided than ever, and for our nation to move forward together with new leadership and unite, the Republican Party must first unite.

Today I am suspending my campaign and supporting the candidate who is best-equipped to defeat the president and return conservative leadership to the White House: Governor Mitt Romney.

To our many supporters and volunteers, I offer my heartfelt thanks. Mary Kaye and I are equally humbled and amazed at the outpouring of support we've received from friends and complete strangers.

Today our campaign for the presidency ends, but our campaign to build a better and brighter America continues.

We will continue to fight for a tax code that unleashes opportunity rather than stifles it; an energy policy that ends our addiction to foreign oil; congressional term limits; education reform that prepares our kids for the 21st Century; and financial reform that protects taxpayers from future bailouts.

Over the last six months, I have seen the best of America. I've seen it in the spirit of our entrepreneurs, the courage of our veterans, and the unyielding optimism of our young people. I saw it in China 10,000 miles away, meeting with dissidents who had been tortured and beaten, but who drew strength from our nation's values -- our openness, our freedoms.

Half a world away, they could see America's light. That is the power our country still represents.

I will never stop fighting for America, and I will continue to put her welfare first, ahead of any partisan or special interest.

I am unshaken in my belief that with the right leadership, we can move forward together, and ensure that America's light shines bright for generations and generations to come.

God bless you, and God bless America.

Jon Huntsman

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