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American Politicians
American Politicians
President Obama, left, and two of the contenders in the 2012 GOP primaries--Mitt Romney, center, and Ron Paul, right. Some Americans believe that politicians of both parties focus too much on smearing other politicians and not enough on suggesting new solutions for the country's problems. | Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Politics,

How American Politics Has Lost Sight of What's Important

In today's politics it seems as though everybody has something to say about what's wrong with this country.

The Republicans blame the Democrats for being too liberal. The Democrats blame the Republicans for being too conservative. All in all, American politics is nothing more than a bunch of fools squabbling over semantics rather than substance. As of this month the Republican primary season is in full swing, and it seems as though the various candidates (Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul) are almost enjoying taking the pot shots at each other that has become such a tradition during the early stages of a Presidential election. If you actually pay attention to what they're saying, it becomes obvious to me that all of them are so caught up in the political game that none of them seem to be taking the most pressing matters affecting this country seriously--beyond upstaging their respective opponents. At this point in the election process nobody among the Republican candidates has convinced me that he is the best choice for Commander-In-Chief of this country.

The Democrats haven't done any better at offering solutions to all of the problems that are severely impacting the United States as of late. I keep hearing talk about hope and change, but this country hasn't gotten that much better over the past few years, despite reports that the recession is over and that all is well again for the country. I'm sorry, Mr. President, but if the financial situation in this country is really getting better, why are there still families that can't even afford to put roofs over their heads even though they are working multiple jobs just trying to survive? The other day I volunteered with such families, and despite what people tell you, all the individuals I met wanted a better life for their children than the one they were currently living. Although none of them said so explicitly, I could see the sadness in their eyes as they were forced to accept the free food that we provided for them on behalf of the greater good.

When are our leaders on both sides of the aisle going to wake up and realize that our people are starving? I recognize that the tone of my writing may be seen as hostile by some, but I'm frustrated with the state of my country. Is it so much to ask that our leaders stop politicking and take immediate actions to save our country from declining further? We were united as Americans ten years ago and yet it seems as though our people have already forgotten the cost of disunity. Only this time, our enemy isn't from abroad. Rather, the main enemy of the future survival of the United States of America is staring back in the mirror every time somebody who could do something buries his head in the sand and pretends that our nation isn't in decline.

When the next election does come up, I'll vote because it's a right that our forebears fought and died for, but at this point in the game I'm at a loss as to who will be the lesser evil for whom I should vote. Perhaps I'll vote for Mickey Mouse. At least he'll be more animated and imaginative than all the current leadership combined. Somebody please figure things out so that we can actually work on saving our country from self-destruction!

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