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The Queen of Pop lives up to her title at Half Time Show


Especially pop singers for that matter.

I address this first and foremost since it seems to be what Madonna is being charged with the most. And Nicki Minaj.

Lip-synching aside, the energy was non-existent.

The enthusiasm was not there at all.

And I say this being a Madonna fan myself.

She did seem to be casually walking around the stage, pausing at some points to admire the acrobatics of her dancers. Case in point, that angel jumping on the wire was pretty entertaining to say the least. Personally I just wished we could have seen more of Madonna's charisma.

Despite her lack of energy and lip-synching, the spectacular theatrical opening, combat-like costumes and sword props, smooth transitions, vogue video show in-synch with the stage performance...(I could go on), Madonna's first-time super bowl event was a success.

The choreography could have been better to "Music." There were times Madonna looked like she didn't know what to do, so she just resorted to jumping up and down. Thank god that dancer on wire was there to save that set.

Everyone's interest peaked once LMFAO joined her with their famous "Party Rock Anthem," especially when they all lined up and broke down to the catchiest chorus of the song.

"Gimme All Your Love" I wasn't crazy about, but I'll admit--it was catchy.

Lip-synching does not suit Nicki Minaj, as her raps and her lips were completely mistimed. Thankfully, the microphone covered her mouth.

And MIA's flipping the bird? Come on, this is the super bowl. There had to be some controversial stunt. There have been worse.

I would have preferred "Express Yourself" in its entirety, over the cheerleader-y song and dance. That song screams sex, and may have sold more viewers since it would have involved more of a sensual performance with room for publicity stunts.

But I understand, she has to promote her new stuff as well. It's only fair. Nice eclectic setlist nonetheless.

Closer "Like a Prayer" made the hairs on my arm rise. It was so beautifully moving, with the dramatic spiritual lighting cue and having the platform rise after the first verse. Leaving the audience with "world peace" spread on the floor was amazingly powerful. If it didn't give you goosebumps, you were either clearly intoxicated, or left the couch for more beer.

All in all, Madonna's half-time event was awesome. There was no wardrobe malfunction (would that have made it better?), she didn't dress inappropriately at all, and looks great. She's still got it. Nice moves too.

She's got people talking; thus, the queen of pop has done it again.

And that's what Super Bowl Half Time is supposed to do. So strike a pose.

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