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The 5 Best Apps to Download This Week

With the iPhone and the Android apps stores' combined tally of more than 850,000 apps, $500 K and $350 K respectively, it can be frustrating wading through the piffle of crappy apps in search of gold. Some force close, some don't work, some are there to scam you, some cost too much money than they'll ever be worth, and well, the list goes on. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the best free apps you'll want to download this week!

Cartoon Camera: If you're prone to taking multiple pictures with your Instagram or Lightbox camera, you'll definitely love this app. It turns everything it captures--in camera or video--into a cartoon. Think "A Scanner Darkly," if you're into that kind of thing.

iGun Zombies: Sure, you love The Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and you're so looking forward to World War Z; but what if you could put yourself into badass, zombie-killing action on your phone? Unlike some other apps, the iGun Zombies app enables you to kill zombies with your own upgraded weaponry. It has 150 stage and boss modes, so with enough practice, you'll be prepared for the real zombie apocalypse.

Lookout Ad Network Detector: Smartphone users collectively have downloaded 1.9 billion apps, and thanks to an increase in ad spending, most users are now bombarded with ads that are incredibly and aggressively invasive. The Lookout Ad Network Detector has already received 5-star ratings from CNET and PCWorld and users laud the service, thanks to its ease of use and its ability to protect users' phones from malware and spyware.

SignNow: Thank goodness for apps like this, especially for small business owners who may have to sign and send documents but don't have a scanner or fax machine (who has those these days, anyway?). With this app, you can download documents, sign them (works best with a stylus), and email them right back right away. No tedious printing and signing and harried searching for fax machines or scanners necessary.

TurboTax Snap Tax: Make filing your taxes so simple even a caveman could do it. With TurboTax's Snap Tax app, all you have to do is snap a photo of your W-2, answer a few questions (name, address, email, etc.), e-file it, and wait for the direct deposit. (P.S. The app is free, but it does cost $19.99 to e-file one federal tax return.)

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