Rush Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh
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My surprise at people's surprise over Rush Limbaugh

Suddenly people are acting as though Rush Limbaugh's career is over due to his offensive Sandra Fluke comments and choice of language. Advertisers panicked, the press went wild. Suddenly he's been revealed! What? Rush Limbaugh has ALWAYS been a total braindead, cruel, nasty, self-centered, hypocritical idiot. My shock is that anyone ever sponsored him in the first place. It is not like you could seriously pull off the argument that you just had no idea he was such a mean, hateful guy. That's his brand - it's his thing. He created the format, practically.

So, if we say we're sick of it, that's fantastic. It means our civilization is moving in the right direction. But to act surprised at a pigheaded statement from the king of pigheaded statements is just somewhat bizarre to me.

I say this. He's not going anywhere - not because he is a wonderful guy with a radio show that really challenges us and makes us think. No. He never offered that. But because he has a following of people who have always liked his mean, nasty take on daily, social, political life, and really probably aren't that shocked by his statements. They weren't shocked by previously stupid things that came out of his mouth and won't be shocked by future things. The worst thing for Rush Limbaugh's career would be to start saying rational, compassionate things. This viciousness is his appeal to some folks, and that audience will stand by him most likely. Maybe a tiny group of people will wake up from this Sandra Fluke thing and stop listening to him. Once again, that'd be a great sign for a progressing civilization - but, I don't suspect him to be ruined by anything he says really, so long as it's nasty and directed at liberals or any kind of compassionate idea.

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