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David Cameron
David Cameron
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Great Britain's Declining Global Status

Great Britain has slowly been losing its status as a superpower over the years, but now it may be official. Prime Minister David Cameron admitted this while in Washington in 2010, when he stated that he sees Great Britain as America's "junior partner" (The Telegraph). Their decline as a superpower began after World War II. The amount of devastation that Great Britain had received immensely impacted the society and today, you can see the effects as clear as day. It still comes as a shock to actually hear Great Britain denounce their status as a superpower. We have to remember that this is a nation that has had a history of stubborn elites that come off very self-delusional at times. For instance, their reluctance to join the EU during the 1950s. It took them years after the integration movement in Europe began, for them to even change their minds about joining the European integration movement that would later become the European Union.

So, what else has set them back? Well the fact that they are viewed as very traditional has had its pros and its cons. During the industrial revolution era when other countries like France, were developing in industries like the locomotive industry, the British lagged far behind. Even though they had the technology to become advanced,they simply did not see the need to develop as fast as the other countries. Fast forwarding into the present,the final factor that does not place Great Britain in the position of being a superpower is the fact that they cut the spending of their military. As many know, a superpower is a country that has a dominant position on an international scale, that is able to influence their interests and are able to protect those interest. One major asset that a superpower country has to protect those interest, is its defenses system or military. Their military is gradually shrinking and thus, so is their status as a global superpower.

So what kind of impact could this have on the U.S.? Well, it doesn't really affect the U.S. in hindsight. The U.S. has already shifted their focus to the East, making the special ties that America once had with Britain, not all that special anymore. And as far as Great Britain assisting with war operations, according to the report of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), they stated that even though " Great Britain will never again be among the global superpowers, they will have enough capability to assist in operations such as Libya and Afghanistan in the future" (The Guardian). However, this defense crisis that Great Britain is going through is one of many problems that face the country. Though the status of being a superpower is now becoming a distant memory, the British are now left to wonder "what's next?"

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