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Daniela Freitas
Daniela Freitas
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A highly sensitive zone that is often overlooked

It never fails; every time I have worn my backless shirt, a man never fails to touch me there, particularly on the small of my back even if just to 'excuse himself' around me. And I must say, I get one hell of a tingle out of it too. There is something particularly erotic and yet not trashy in the least about that part of a woman's body. It has a certain X-factor that just oozes sensuality without a woman having to try hard at all to be sexy; she just IS.

Most men don't know why they find a woman's back sexy until, well, they see her bare back. Men fantasize about what a woman looks like naked all the time, every time they pass an attractive woman. But, hardly do you ever hear a man say 'damn I wish I knew what her back looked like naked'. The back is an understated part of the body that isn't given much thought.

Let's look at a woman's body piece by piece to determine what makes the back of all elements so mysteriously sexy:

1. The Face ' eyes, lips, hair, cheekbones, a smile ' all of these elements together are one of the first things that men notice on a woman. The male brain is either instantly attracted to her or not. Simple and easy Chemistry 101. No amount of makeup can really fix this.

2. Arms & Legs ' many women have sexy limbs; these are parts of a woman that depending on where you live can more often than not go bare (at least partially if indoors) and you can always wear heels to give your legs a little extra something.

3. Breasts ' an obvious signal to a man of a woman's sexuality based on whether she hides them or props them up; they come in different shapes and sizes but for the most part, from a young age girls are taught that THIS is what basically defines a woman. And so, girls focus quite a bit of attention on this area of their body, because it's either something you're born with or you're not. It makes sense then, that most cosmetic surgery is still focused on breast augmentations.

4. Butt ' since the likes of JLo and Kim K made having a round ass an asset, this has become an increasing focus for young girls (and boys), but again, it is one of those things either you're born with or you're not. It's pretty easy to spot one way or another which camp a girl belongs to'

5. But the Back? This is what men usually see last. Most women usually don't wear back-bearing shirts, or if they do, they are few and far between. The only other time the back is really bare is when we are naked. Usually a man only sees a woman's back when they are intimate (before, during and after usually ☺) or when a woman is in her underwear or bathing suit. In that sense, the back is one of the most intimate parts of a woman because it's when she is at her most vulnerable that she is exposing this part of herself.

Highway to Heaven

So I'm sure you're still asking yourself, "Lisa, you still haven't told me why a back is so sexy'get to the point, dammit!"
Well, here it is: I've been told that the back is a highway that takes the eye to every major point on a woman's body'from the neck (where a man wants to kiss) around to her breasts (supple and also kissable), and down to her ass and legs (major erogenous zones for men). The back is not a focal point, but it is also not meant to be. A woman's long hair (which again, most men prefer) directs the eye down to the ass and legs, while her silky hair lightly caresses and teases the skin on her back. All of these things are subconscious for both men and women until a woman purposely wears something that shows off her back. In such a case, usually only a woman with confidence will rock a shirt like that.

Ready to follow my line of thought here? Confidence = a women who knows how to carry herself = a woman who knows how to be alluring = gives a man the impression that she knows her body, what she likes, how and where she likes to be touched. It's really that simple and yet that complicated. And oh yes, let me not forget to mention that to be lightly touched on your back with a fingertip is an incredible turn on (if you didn't know), as is to be massaged and caressed and rubbed. You should try it sometime'

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