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Barack Obama
Barack Obama
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Or All Out Insanity

President Obama is living in a dream world. He looks at the United States through rose-colored glasses of his own design, allowing his own extremist biases to color his every statement and policy decision. He denies reality as a matter of routine, choosing instead whatever spin and propaganda will make the President look good.

In the lead-up to the mid-term elections, President Obama is taking yet another opportunity to engage in his favorite form of propaganda: blaming George W. Bush. President Obama has blamed President Bush for nearly every problem in his presidency, most especially the economy. Recently, in President Obama's mid-session economic report and in public comments, the President continued to blame his predecessor for our current economic woes, continuing the trend of Bush-blaming for a solid twenty months.

But President Obama has a problem: as time goes on, his propaganda is becoming less and less effective. The American people aren't buying it anymore, because we aren't wearing the same glasses he is. We live in the real world, and we can see what's really going on around us. It's become quite obvious that all of his bluster about the 'Summer of Recovery' is just a bunch of hot air. While the President's propaganda machine rolls on, the US economy continues to stagnate, and is even showing signs of worsening. The unemployment rate has begun to stabilize right around ten percent, but only because it doesn't include numbers for people who have given up searching for a new job - the 'real' unemployment rate is over 16 percent, with no sign of improving any time soon (and that's the official word from the Administration), and more banks than ever before are at risk of failing.

The problem with Bush-blaming is that it doesn't do anything to help our economic situation. Yes, President Bush's policies had a lot to do with our current situation, but there is plenty of blame to go around, and many of the people who helped put our economy on its current downward slide are still holding positions of power in Congress. In fact, Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Barney Frank (D-MA), the Congressional sponsors of the Democrats' much-lauded Wall-Street reform bill, had a lot to do with engineering the current recession. Frank became the chairman of the Financial Services Community in 2007, making him one of the key players in US economic policy. Dodd has routinely been in bed with big mortgage companies, primarily Countrywide, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, denying that they were in trouble despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. He is still battling with allegations that he got sweetheart deals from Countrywide, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have always been big contributors to his campaign.

But regardless of whose fault the current recession/depression is, the question remains: what is the Democratic regime's plan to fix the problem?

So far, the Democrats' plans have amounted to wasting money and doling out hand-outs in the hopes that they can fake out enough people to hold on to their majority in November. A recent study by USA Today found that 1 out of every 6 Americans are taking some form of government hand-out. Our national debt is growing so large that projections show that the majority of our tax dollars will soon be going solely to interest payments. Those same projections show that, if we don't change our current course, the debt will only continue skyward. Eventually, the burden of servicing our debt will outpace our GDP, and our government will go bankrupt. We're faced with a choice: we can either cut spending now, or put it off until our national credit rating is downgraded and no one will lend our nation any more money. The cuts will come eventually, it's just a question of whether we cut spending in order to be fiscally responsible, or if we wait until there are no other options.

Unfortunately, the Democrats in charge either don't see how their policies are effecting the economy, or they don't care. A recent column by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro details just how closely President Obama's current agenda and situation resemble that of President Herbert Hoover, whose policies and denial of the economic realities of the time only ended up serving to deepen and prolong the Great Depression. A little historical perspective might just help the Democrats to learn what has worked in the past, and what has failed.

To the Democrats, there have been two solutions so far: increase government spending and raise taxes. The spending increases have taken several different forms: stimulus bills, jobs bills, extensions of unemployment benefits. All of this extra spending is supposed to be for the American people, designed to 'save or create' jobs and keep our economy moving. The unemployment numbers have been making small shifts upward and downward over recent months, but overall, the economy has stagnated despite the billions of dollars that have been wasted on useless measures that have accomplished absolutely nothing. In fact, about the only gains the Obama administration has seen on the jobs front came when they used the US Census Bureau to artificially inflate the numbers, hiring people for a day, then firing them and hiring them back the next day so they could count one person for multiple 'created' jobs. As soon as those temporary jobs were over, though, the unemployment rate went back to where it had been before the Census shenanigans had started.

And on the subject of cutting taxes, it's strange how obvious facts seem to be missed so easily by those on the Left. For example: tax cuts are one of the best methods the government can use to increase revenue. This is ironic, and a fact that can be easily missed unless it is put into historical context. The truth is that lower taxes have resulted in revenue increases every time they've been tried. George W. Bush lowered taxes, and tax revenues increased. Ronald Reagan lowered taxes, and tax revenues increased. Democratic icon John Fitzgerald Kennedy lowered taxes, and tax revenues increased. Lowering taxes puts more money into the hands of the people and businesses that drive our economy, leading to more hiring and higher consumer confidence, which leads to more buying of goods. Cutting taxes shows a faith in the American people's ability to get the nation back on its feet that the Democrats just do not possess.

The Democrats are paying lip service to tax cuts and small business, but overall, their policies are leading to fewer dollars in the hands of ordinary Americans and a tougher time for small businesses, who do most of America's hiring. The Obamacare law makes it tougher and more expensive for health insurers to do business. As a result, insurers across America are being forced to raise rates for group policies, which has the greatest effect on small businesses, making it more difficult for those businesses to provide health insurance for their employees. The recently-passed financial reform bill will require businesses to fill out extra tax forms for every vendor with whom they do at least $1,000 worth of business. This will lead to tons of unnecessary paperwork and wasted man-hours for businesses across America. All told, Congress's attempt to 'fix' health care and Wall-Street will end up costing the people even more money. It makes the Democrats' debate over whether to extend the 'Bush tax cuts' or raise taxes by letting them expire completely useless: fees, taxes, and prices are going up across America. To the Democrats, those tax cuts are just a political football: their chances in the upcoming election have more to do with whether those tax cuts stay or go than whether the cuts are good for the American economy.

Obama's 'Summer of Recovery' has been a monumental failure, both for the American economy and the Obama propaganda machine. The Administration is touting jobs 'saved or created,' but their policies have resulted in net job losses. It's sad that they continue to expect us to believe their stories, even as the evidence of their failing policies continues to mount. People can't find jobs. Taxes, fees and costs are on the rise, and record numbers of banks are at risk of failing. And to make matters worse, President Obama has just announced yet another 'stimulus' bill, calling for another $50 billion in spending just to start.

They say that repeating the same thing over and over hoping for a different result each time is the definition of insanity...

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