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Why we love Sushi

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lynn Lopez, born July 24, 1969, often known by her moniker J.Lo, is an American actress, businesswoman, dancer and recording artist. J-Lo was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. | Jennifer Lopez, Singer, Actress, Sushi, Chopsticks,

It's more than the fishy aftertaste...

When we think of sushi, where do our thoughts take us? Visions of celebrities dining at high end Japanese restaurants while racking up tabs in the thousands? Or perhaps a woman lying nude on a table as curious party goers taste the seaweed rolls that adorn her body. Sushi has been seen as an expensive dish for as long as our generation can remember. A symbol of status, luxury and even sensuality. But quality sushi comes with a hefty price tag. It's hard to believe this highly sought after dish was once the food of peasants. So we ask ourselves, why are we so fascinated with sushi?

What began as a way to preserve the catch of the day, well, for longer than a day, has become a symbol in our culture. Now, being a sushi chef is one of the highest honors in the culinary industry. Perhaps watching his hands dance gracefully to create this masterpiece keeps you wondering. Curious as to how it could possibly taste. Could it be curiosity that makes it so popular? Or perhaps its hefty price tag, as if attempting to keep you away does a better job of luring you in. Is being "unattainable" or hard to come by what keeps the fascination and desire for this dish alive?

Sushi is the ultimate sexy health food. The combination of sticky rice, raw or cooked fish along with fresh vegetables, pickled ginger and the fiery taste of wasabi are not only appealing to the palate, but pleasing to the eye. It lures us in, can excite your palate and surprise your taste buds. When something can be sweet, salty, soft and crispy yet guilt free at the same time, why wouldn't we adore it? Think of all the textures, colors, patterns, flavors and ingredients we come across when dining at a posh Japanese restaurant. How can we resist when these bite sized morsels are designed to lure us in, charge us tons and bring us back for more?

Anything and everything Jennifer Lopez does influences someone on this planet, in some way. We all remember her rocky relationship with former boyfriend, Diddy. Visits to luxurious restaurants and getaways, even their hot and heavy dinner at Miyagi's sushi restaurant leaves its legacy in a song written by Hip Hop artist Noc-Turn'al. Ever notice when an A list celeb dines at a restaurant; the sudden desire for the dish is heightened? I believe it is safe to say, this happened to be one of those cases.

Maybe we are fascinated by the results of enjoying sushi. After picking up what is usually a hefty tab at any sushi restaurant, your date will be impressed. Perhaps we enjoy the idea of knowing the night will end in our favor?

Whatever our reason may be for this sushi fetish, the trend is here to stay. This versatile dish can be ordered in for a sultry night at home, or delivered to your office to be enjoyed between important phone calls. Its endless varieties of rolls, catered to your diet and taste will remain wildly popular for generations to come. Like the sandwich, it began with the simple thought of bringing together ingredients to make portable dishes, has evolved into its own cuisine. Satisfying palates and expanding our culinary imaginations.

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