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Secret Service
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How the Secret Service scandal could effect November

If there's one thing you can say about President Obama, it's that he likes to party. And now we're seeing that the party people aren't just the ones in the White House - there is an entire culture of partying throughout Obama's government. The most recent, and most embarassing instance has been the Secret Service agents caught partying it up in Colombia with sex, drugs, and prostitutes.

So what effect will this have on November's election?

The rhetoric is already spinning up: President Obama and his family have already become quite notorious in the conservative media for the lavish parties they've thrown in the White House and the exorbitant vacations they've taken across the United States.

It wasn't that long ago that President Bush was being targetted by media across the networks each and every time he visited his ranch in Texas. Contrast that with President Obama, who right after being elected decided to cause a major disruption in New York by taking his wife to a Broadway show. Then there are the vacations to Hawaii, skiing in Aspen, Malia's Spring Break trip to Mexico, Michelle taking the kids to Las Vegas, and the notorious Alice In Wonderland Halloween party, complete with Johnny Depp in full costume.

Now, make no mistake, this debacle with the Secret Service is one of the biggest embarassments to hit the United States since President Clinton was caught lying about getting it on with his intern in the Oval Office. It's not like the Summit of the Americas is a US-friendly junket as it is, and while I wouldn't necessarily care if a couple of Secret Service agents decided to blow off some steam by hiring prostitutes in a nation where prostitution is legal, as it is in Colombia, the actions of these agents were just plain idiotic.

They were supposed to be preparing security for the president's arrival...and let's face it - who wouldn't go on a drinking binge and pick up a prostitute while working to secure an area for the Leader of the Free World? Vodka, cocaine and high-priced hookers - sounds like one heck of a good time.

According to the allegations, after getting drunk and picking up the prostitutes in a discoteque in Cartagena, the agents then took the escorts back to their hotel room to keep the party going. News reports have stated that suspected cocaine was found in the hotel room, along with the schedule for President Obama's visit.

The sad part is, they probably would have gotten away with it if a couple of the agents hadn't tried to stiff the prostitutes - which begs the question of how many times this kind if behavior has gone unnoticed in the Secret Service.

And when you take into account that this scandal came fast on the heels of the revelation of the outrageously expensive party thrown by the General Services Administration (GSA), it makes you wonder just how much of the $5 trillion in debt that has accumulated under President Obama has gone to show federal employees a good time?

After all, this is the president who, after the announcement of the GOP budget, acccused Republicans of "thinly-veiled social Darwinism." His budget, of course, failed to gain a single vote for a second year in a row, and his party has refused to vote on a budget for the third year in a row. The party that refuses to make meaningful spending cuts apparently isn't capable of understanding that when government agencies are throwing lavish parties at taxpayer expense, it's time to cut the budget...but even now, after the Obama Administration's culture of partying has reached the front pages, he still throws around the contrived argument that spending cuts proposed by the GOP will automatically cause dirtier air, undrinkable water, and dying children littering the streets of America.

But keeping drunken bureaucrats from littering the streets of America and bringing higher standards of professionalism not only to the Secret Service, but to the entire alphabet soup that is the bureaucracy of our federal government is a real issue that Americans from across the political spectrum can get behind.

President Obama has a lot working against him this election, and even though the Secret Service and GSA parties don't exactly constitute national emergencies (though one of them very well could have), they both definitely strengthen the perception among many voters that the Obamas and the Democratic Party, who have championed higher taxes and fought any and all cuts in spending, are standing up for taking more money from hardworking Americans so it can be wasted by government bureaucrats who are out to game the system and have a good time.

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