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Immigration and Crime

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Victims of Illegal Immigration

The advocates for open borders, whom I have come to refer to as the Immigration Anarchists, love to talk about the plight of illegal aliens in the United States but they ignore the impact that illegal immigration has on our nation's citizens and lawful immigrants. Certainly illegal aliens are being exploited. This is the reason that so many unscrupulous individuals want them to come to the United States. Think about all of those who benefit by the presence of illegal aliens. Immigration lawyers who have an insatiable appetite for new clients. Lawyers often get a "bum rap." There are many lawyer jokes that poke fun at lawyers and we have all heard them. Lawyers who seek to find clients who may have tripped on a crack on a sidewalk or suffered some such mishap have come to be referred to as "ambulance chasers." Certainly this is an unflattering title for lawyers. Today there are lots of immigration attorneys who benefit by the growing number of illegal aliens in the United States. Perhaps they could be called "coyote chasers!" (For those not familiar with the term a coyote is the slang term to describe alien smugglers, particularly along the US/Mexican border.)

Employers who intentionally hire illegal aliens do so because they know that they can pay these vulnerable people substandard wages under substandard conditions.

Advocacy groups count on large number of illegal aliens to provide them with contributions and political leverage.

Banks love illegal aliens because they use banks and other remitters to send money back home-money, I might add, that is drained from our nation's beleaguered economy in the amount of tens of billions of dollars each and every year. These banks and other remitters generally charge a fee for their services, making them the "silent partners" of these illegal aliens.

What is often forgotten is that the leaders of the countries from which these aliens come also love to send their citizens to come to the United States for a number of important reasons. First of all, illegal aliens, in sending money back to their home countries, contribute mightily to the economies of those countries. For Mexico, the remittances amount to the second largest source of income for that nation. Of course remittances are not the only way that money is sent to Mexico, so I would be curious if all of the other ways of moving money to Mexico from the United States to Mexico was taken into account if the money earned by illegal Mexican aliens in the United States would not account for the greatest source of income for the Mexican economy. Other countries also see on those remittances a major source of income for their economies as well. This is fabulous for those countries and highly detrimental to our nation's faltering economy. The Obama administration has mortgaged our children's and grandchildren's economic future in the name of massive stimulus packages that are supposed to pump money into our nation's economy while foreign workers send as much money as they can out of the United States.

Give that some thought. Imagine you had a swimming pool and were living in a time of an extremely serious drought. Imagine that you filled the pool with costly water but foolishly left the drain open. The next day you eagerly put on your bathing suit hoping to take a dip in your pool and find it empty! The obvious question - why did you not close the drain?

Foreign leaders also are eager to see their citizens head for the United States for political stability. First of all, by providing their poor with a way of earning extra money, a bit of the poverty might be ameliorated, placating the masses. Additionally it must be remembered that the great majority of illegal aliens are single young men who, if they had nowhere to go would likely be storming the gates and demanding opportunities in their own country! Mexico has a huge economy and incredible natural resources. The only reason that there is such widespread poverty in Mexico is because the money of the Mexican economy is concentrated in a very small but powerful oligarchy. Simply stated, Mexico has no real middle class. In Mexico, generally, you are either fabulously wealthy or dirt poor.

It is outrageous that the President of Mexico and other countries look at the fellow citizens as one of the most profitable exports that they have to "sell!"

The massive influx of illegal aliens into the United States also leads to additional victims - the trafficked women who work in the brothels. Most of the illegal aliens are young men who often leave the girlfriends and wives behind and serve as the clientele for establishments. The exploitation is often horrific. As an INS Special Agent I participated in many raids on those brothels and they were to be found in every ethnic community.

Those who advocate for open borders know damned well that the people who come here will likely be treated horrifically - they don't care! They just want what is their best interests! Incredibly the media tends to refer to the open borders (immigration anarchists) as being "Pro-Immigrant!"

They also know that the most likely victims of the crimes perpetrated by the increasing numbers of pernicious transnational criminals are the members of the immigrant communities of the same ethnicity as the criminals regardless of whether the criminals come from Mexico, El Salvador, Russia, China, Jamaica or Europe!

Any fool who really believes that advocates for open borders are "Pro-Immigrant" as the news media often describes them, would likely say that the person who places cheese on a mousetrap is a compassionate "animal-rights activist" who is simply trying to feed hungry mice!

Having discussed what illegal immigration means to the illegal alien population- we need to balance the equation and seek to understand what impact illegal immigration and failures of the immigration system have on our nation, our citizens and our lawful immigrants.

What is astounding is that there are only a relative handful of political leaders who are concerned about how these failures harm our citizens and our nation. One of the real leaders in this critical issue has been Congressman Steve King of Iowa. I have had the privilege of meeting with him on a number of occasions and providing testimony before the Immigration Subcommittee when he was in attendance. I can tell you that from the perspective of an expert witness at a Congressional hearing, you often wonder if the members of Congress, be it in the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate and their staffers, are even listening to you when you speak. Out of frustration I have often said that perhaps the time has come for Congress to conduct "Listenings" instead of "Hearings!"

When Congressman King addressed a news conference on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. last week, he honored me by quoting something I had said at a hearing in which I responded to a question about the impact of criminal aliens on Americans. I was gratified that clearly Representative King was listening! He could serve as a role model for his colleagues in the "People's House" that all too often conducts business in a manner that makes me want to rename the House of Representatives with a far more fitting name - the House of Corporate Interests!

As citizens of this nation we say a Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and to the republic it represents. Wouldn't it be something if our elected representatives pledged their allegiance to our nation and our citizens instead of their campaign contributors?

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