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War on Women
War on Women
War on Women
Aisha Bain, 25, center, of New York City, joins thousands of fellow protesters in Washington, D.C., during the "March for Women's Lives," a pro-choice rally held on the National Mall. | Photo: Nikki Kahn | War On Women, Contraception, Abortion,

The War On Women

The so-called "War on Women" is the liberal lie that just won't quit. It was started as a Democratic ploy to stop Rick Santorum's momentum in the GOP primary...and it was a tactic that worked surprisingly well.

It began innocently enough, with a debate question that left both the candidates and the general viewing public saying "WTF?" It soon became apparent that the question was planted ' if ever there were concrete evidence of some kind of "vast left-wing conspiracy," this was it.

In a matter of days, President Obama's Department of Health and Human Services announced the now-infamous contraceptive mandate. Despite their claims to the contrary, the administration's reasons for the mandate had nothing to do with women's health, and everything to do with the election.

This then started a firestorm from the Left known as the War on Women. According to Democrats, including one of my colleagues here on AND Magazine, we conservatives are just a bunch of woman-hating neanderthals who have no concept of the modern world. As long as women stay in the kitchen and out of the workplace, we're happy.

And frankly, I'm glad to have Leftist commentators and pundits let me know this interesting fact about myself; I had no idea that all conservatives were such misogynists.

The truth is that there is no war on women. This contrived "war" only exists in the heads of liberals who want to win votes from any women out there dumb enough to believe their talking points.

They claim that conservatives want to "ban" or "deny access" to contraceptives because conservatives oppose President Obama's illegal contraceptive mandate. But before the Left brought it up, no one was talking, or even thinking about the possibility of banning contraceptives. The only dirt they were able to dig up on Rick Santorum on the issue came when he said that state governments have the legal right to ban contraceptives (which they do), but last time I checked, there is no state in the Union currently debating a contraceptive ban. The Left, of course, immediately turned Santorum's logical and truthful answer to a completely absurd question into their completely false lie of a talking point: Santorum wants to ban contraceptives.

In fact, when it comes to the contraceptive mandate, conservatives have no problem with the contraceptives. It's the mandate part that got conservatives all worked up. Leftists made the absurd and completely false argument that if contraceptives were not provided to women at no cost, then women were "denied access" to health care. That is not the case at all: before the mandate, contraceptives were available to any woman who wanted or needed them ' and many were, and still are offered at reduced prices at Wal-Mart and Target stores. But logic doesn't fit the Left's narrative, so they're sticking with the lie.

Then there was the Ann Romney controversy. The wife of a presidential candidate actually had the audacity to say something about economic issues...and she was promptly smacked down by a liberal commentator as being unqualified, since she is a wealthy homemaker. Thus erupted another skirmish in the "war on women" debate.

When it comes to the issue of stay-at-home moms, the feminist Left has quite a history of looking down their collective noses at women who don't work, as if the choice to stay at home and raise a family is inferior to diving into a career. Then, if conservatives even acknowledge that having one parent staying at home raising the children makes for a more stable family life (which it does), they are suddenly out-of-touch and anti-women.

But then, as it turns out, conservative women are damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't anyway. Ann Romney gets criticized by the Left for being a stay-at-home mom, but back during her 2008 Vice Presidential run, Sarah Palin was criticized for taking time away from her family to be a governor...but then, what wasn't Sarah Palin criticized about?

Palin is a strong conservative woman who rose to the rank of governor in one of the largest states in the US. She went on to become the Republican pick for Vice President (make a note of that: the party engaging in the "War on Women" had a woman in the VP slot in the last election). If elected, she would have been the first female Vice President in US history - almost as historic as the first black President.

But Palin was torn apart by the Left, her every move and every word criticized beyond belief. Sarah Palin is a sharp political figure, but she was so caricatured by the liberal media that she has little to no chance of winning a national election today. Palin, like just about every other politician across the globe, is much less gaffe-prone than Joe Biden, our current Vice President - but that didn't stop the Left. It became so bad that now, were you to stop someone on the street and ask them, they would likely tell you that Sarah Palin uttered the words "I can see Russia from my house," despite the fact that that quote originated from a Saturday Night Live sketch.

And where were the Left's so-called feminists while all of this was going on? They were there, hurling insults at Palin right along with everyone else.

You see, there is an important principle on the Left when it comes to things like the feminist movement: they aren't interested in standing up for women unless they are liberal women. When it comes to the real war on women, the Left is strangely silent. It is only recently that some liberal women have begun to speak out against their own side when it comes to the Left constantly excoriating conservative women, and that only began to happen after the conservative media began to point out the glaring hypocrisy on the part of the Left.

There are so many instances of true anti-woman behavior going on both around the world and within the United States, yet the Left has been largely silent on legitimate misogyny, choosing instead to focus on political differences. Egypt, the nation hailed by many on the Left as one of the birthplaces of the Arab Spring, recently passed a law making it legal for men to have sex with the corpse of their deceased spouse...and that is just one of the latest in the multitude of ways that Muslim women have been oppressed in the Muslim world. Yet when conservatives bring up atrocities committed on women by Muslims, they are typically met with accusations of racism, jingoism, or some reference to "racial profiling," if they are responded to at all. And Muslim discrimination against women isn't just confined to the Middle East. So-called "honor killings" and attempted "honor killings" have been on the rise in the United States.

But the true War on Women goes much deeper than the Left's silence when it comes to continued discrimination in the Muslim world.

Recently, two new videos have surfaced from women who secretly filmed sessions at Planned Parenthood clinics, where they pretended to be trying to set up late-term abortions based on gender preferences. Currently, there is no law in the United States restricting gender-preference abortions (legislation to ban the practice was just voted down in the House of Representatives), but gender-preference abortions are typically used either by parents who find out they are having a girl but want a boy, or are forced on people by oppressive, dictatorial regimes seeking to dictate population controls on their people. Either way, the typical result of gender-preference abortions is that girls are killed, and boys are kept. If there truly is a War on Women, it can take no more cogent form than the slaying of unborn girls simply because they are girls.

War on Women
War on Women

Protestors take part Saturday in the Unite Against the War on Women Rally held on the front steps of the Capitol in Harrisburg. The event was part of marches and rallies in state capitals and major U.S. cities in defense of women's rights. | Photo: Joe Hermitt, The Patriot-News | War On Women, Contraception, Abortion,

But liberals, the supposed defenders of women, will still become apoplectic at the mere suggestion of withdrawing government funding from Planned Parenthood...and when it comes to Planned Parenthood, there are two issues at play here. After all, the type of late-term abortions Planned Parenthood was all too willing to set up are illegal in the United States. But Planned Parenthood has a long and sordid history of supporting illegal acts that further their pro-abortion agenda.

And the evidence against the Left doesn't stop there. A recent examination of pay scales for Congressional staffers found that several leading Democratic Senators - some of them female Senators - pay their female staffers less than their male staffers. And it gets better: Even as this news was breaking, the Democrats were pushing for the so-called "Paycheck Fairness Act." I guess just like every other piece of legislation, it's okay to impose it on the rest of the nation, as long as the politicians don't have to follow their own rules.

When it comes to the War on Women, Democrats have shown through their actions that they are more concerned about rhetoric and picking up a voting bloc than they truly are about women's issues. They purport to care about women during election season when the talking points might win gain them a few more votes, but when the rubber meets the road, their hypocrisy shines forth. The truth is that Democrats have no evidence of a "War on Women" from the GOP, and all their rhetoric really amounts to is a collection of lies formulated to mislead women into voting Democrat.

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