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Captain Ray Lewis

Captain Ray Lewis

Captain Ray Lewison
Captain Ray Lewison
Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis is very active in the Occupy Wall Street movement. | Photo: AND Magazine | Captain Ray Lewison, Ows, Police, Philadelphia, Activist,

Matt, and Captain Ray Lewis talk police, OWS, and banks

Matt Sky talks to retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis about his participation in the Occupy Wall Street movement, and touches on various issues facing America today with respect to the financial crisis in this country, and law enforcement. He has become an iconic face of the Occupy movement, being arrested in full police uniform, and in doing so brought a sense of legitimacy to the cause to for many. For more on his latest efforts, find him on Facebook, and to learn more about the issues he's passionate about watch the movie, Inside Job. A unique person of strong conviction, Captain Ray Lewis has stood up for what he believes in, and has served as an inspiration to people all around the world.

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