Jingya Sun


Jingya Sun
Jingya Sun
Jingya Sun is one of China’s rising organizers, teachers, and belly dance performers. A life long student of dance, Jingya has traveled the globe learning from the worlds most esteemed international masters. | Photo: AND Magazine | Jingya Sun, Dancer, Bellydance, China, Designer,

Cultural ambassador from the middle east to China and beyond

One of the most amazing dancers in China, Jingya Sun has traveled to New York to talk to us about the cultural crossover from China, the middle east, and beyond. This crossover for Jingya has been made through bellydance. In September of this year, Jingya is bringing some of the worlds top bellydancers dancers to Ningbo, on the eastern coast of Mainland China for the 2012 International Belly Dance Cultural Festival.

The stunning Jingya, a dancer, choreographer, designer, mother, and businesswoman graces the Stipko Live studios with an explanation of the transplantation of the middle eastern art form to the far east, and defines her method of adding to the diverse melting pot that dance can be.

Much like the Bellydance Superstars that paved the way worldwide, Jingya is a pioneer in her region, and is now stretching beyond her borders to bring bellydance to those who crave this sensual, empowering style of expression.

About Ningbo Festival
Dear Dancers,

Welcome to China's 1st International Belly Dance Cultural Festival in Ningbo, China. Ningbo is one of the most modern, prosperous, and evolving cities in China and home to the third largest port in the world.

The five-day event will set a precedent for the ever-growing Chinese belly dancing community. Our vision is to unite us all and create a mesmerizing experience bringing together the world's most renowned international masters as well as belly dance performers, teachers, and dance enthusiasts from around the globe.

The festival will be hosted by the 5-StarSheraton Hotel Ningbo. The hotel will be transformed into a magical, cultural, and authentic belly dance stage providing a Live.Dine.Dance venue that will be remembered forever.

We invite belly dancers of all backgrounds and skill levels to experience a once in a lifetime event where dancers from around the globe will engage in a truly spiritual and cultural exchange. Whether you're a novice dancer or a lifelong advanced enthusiast, you will feel that you belong.

We can't wait to see you this September!

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