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Poverty is a state of privation or lack of the usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. According to the U.S. Census Bureau data released Tuesday September 13, 2011, the nation's poverty rate rose to 15.1% (46.2 million) in 2010, up from 14.3% (approximately 43.6 million) in 2009 and to its highest level since 1993. | Photo: Washington Post | Poverty, Child, Economy, America,

Don't Expect Wise Leadership

America as a state has failed its Constitution, a document with flaws, but whose promise the American people have proven they are incapable or unwilling to defend. Probably both.

I list here five great failings of the American people.

1. The development of the United States into a militaristic, conniving, meddling and exploiting, world-dominating, corporate conglomerate empire. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about the unchecked growth of the American military industrial complex, but nobody listened. Our militarists are composed of mostly tubby little white guys who ride around in limousines and who describe themselves as patriots. Thus, Leon Panetta, a tubby little white guy, journeyed to India and told them in a joke we kept India's bitter enemy Pakistan in the dark about the raid on bin Laden. Pakistan's help we need to combat terrorists in the region and though they have not acted like our friends, what good does it do humiliating them with their bitter enemy----both of them nuclear armed----stoking potential conflict? This is a prime example of the arrogance of world-meddling power running amok. The United States meddles in the affairs of literally every country in the world, attempts to dictate, exploits the natural resources of poor countries where it can, often providing arms and encouragement of the kind we provided to Saddam Hussein (before we fell out), making the world a much more de-stabled and dangerous place. Much of the instability in the Middle East is a result of our letting Israel run wild displacing non-Jewish believers and Palestinians from their homeland. Instead of acting as a peace broker, we act as a bully and Godfather backing and supporting with sophisticated weaponry whoever our ally is. China, who we helped create like Frankenstein did the monster, is working to supplant us as the world's leading militaristic, conniving, meddling, exploiting, dominating corporate empire.

2. The growth of unwinnable, endless, dynastic and colonial-style wars. It used to be most American wars were about four years in duration. Then came Vietnam and ever since we've had endless wars. The American people, a bunch of docile sheep, do not demand from their government accountability and explanations as to what the government is attempting to accomplish with these wars and what the timeline for achieving it is. Thus, the government and its military industrial arm have become separate from the American people, a train going down a different track, unaccountable, unapproachable, irreproachable, unexplainable. The government spends billions on these wars and feeds soldiers into these endless conflicts. Many of these soldiers return broken and disturbed and after we praise them and pose with them for pictures and fly the flag and say how great we all are-----the veterans go on to receive inadequate benefits for their trauma. Most of Congress who pose for pictures with the soldiers to get reelected including the president never served a day in uniform themselves because they considered it a "sucker game."

3. American terror and paranoia over impoverished, Third World malcontents. Yes, 9-11 was bad and there are nuts in the world who mean us harm. But how surprised should we be that a group of nuts could hijack an airplane? The government with the sheepish and docile acquiescence of the American people in a fit of terror and paranoia over a small group of wretches who don't even have shoes on their feet initiated a campaign of terror against their own---the American people, with the ludicrously misnamed "Patriot Act." Throwing our rights away, spying on American people, eliminating due process of law that for centuries characterized the Bill of Rights, harassing, targeting and labeling all people in this country who practice the Muslim religion as enemies. Hysteria and paranoia. You would think from the way our militaristic tubby white boy bureaucrats brag about getting bin Laden----a solitary wretch hiding in a house'that they had achieved something like D Day in World War II. Americans like to act tough and swagger around, but we're a scared group. Our enemies are often tiny. We're huge. Our paranoiac response has been all out of proportion to the actual situation.


Lee Jeffries didn’t want to exploit these people or steal photographs of them like so many other photographers who had seen the homeless as an easy target.
| Photo: Lee Jeffries |
4. Fighting small, impoverished countries. The British ruling what they considered subhuman savages in India during the 1880s was called the period of "The Raj." American supremacy over impoverished countries should be called the period of "The Dodge." No explanations are given. It's a secret government. The government is more interested in containing leaks than they are in including the American people in decisions made without their knowledge or despite their opposition.

5. The growth of money men in American politics. Good people don't run for office. People who do run mostly include thieves, charlatans motivated by greed and lust for power, and to whom idealism is a foreign word. The kind of person who would steal $50 off his mother's bureau drawer while her back was turned. Today, millions of dollars have to be raised just to run for the mayor of a small town. The American people have like cowards gone along with this subversion of their own political system.

6. Expansion of the powers of the president. The president is above the law.

7. Don't expect wise leadership.

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