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Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton
Paris Whitney Hilton (born February 17, 1981) is an American businesswoman, potential future heiress, producer and socialite. She is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton (founder of Hilton Hotels). Paris began a modeling career as a teenager when she was with Donald Trump's modeling agency, T Management. | Photo: | Paris Hilton, Reality, Sex Video, Wealthy ,

Where is she now... does it matter?

Where were you when you first heard about Paris Hilton? For me, it was an appearance in FHM Magazine or Maxim, I am not sure which. For others, they became aware of her because of her sex tape with Rick Solomon. Some may have discovered her through her show The Simple Life, in which her and fellow spoiled-child Nicole Richie (adopted daughter of Lionel Richie) experience small-town, rural (read: POOR) America. It was surprisingly entertaining, but for no reasons you would be surprised by. They just giggled and slacked their way from place to place, until eventually their massive egos got in the way and a successful franchise (and friendship) crumbled into nothing. Hilton has since attached her name and her likeness to a number of products ' perfumes, fashion lines, etc. ' and has attempted to reclaim some of her The Simple Life glory with other reality shows. Yet, she has since faded away into the America ether. She is still out there, still working as only she can, but it seems no one cares anymore.

Paris emerged into the public eye as already famous. At the time she and her sister were working as models for T Management, a Donald Trump company. She was a paparazzi fixture. In most of her film and television appearances she plays some version of herself. She is a cyclone of fame, recklessness, and no small amount of shrewd business acumen. Hilton's first reality show after the end of The Simple Life was a game-show for MTV in the format of shows like The Bachelor, Flavor of Love, and others. It was called Paris Hilton's New BFF, an obvious dig at former BFFs Richie and Kim Kardashian who was experiencing success with her own reality show. At the same time Hilton released the theme song for the show as a single. She has tried so often to have a singing career that one has to wonder if the poor thing is truly passionate about music, but doesn't pursue it more vigorously because of the vast amounts of cash she brings in through other means.

Hilton is famous for being famous, and she capitalized on that fame in every way possible. As a model, she exuded sex appeal and through her "leaked" sextape, the world was able to see her in a very private sexual situation. Since it wasn't released by her directly (although she had to be complicit in its release), she was able to avoid much of the stigma that might come from marketing something so sexually explicit. It sums up her entire career. She chased fame, had her life filmed, all while complaining that she was tired of living that way and wanted some peace. She did time in jail in 2007 after multiple arrests for driving while intoxicated. She claimed that it was her celebrity that caused the judicial system to be so harsh with her, but attempted to use that same celebrity to avoid jail. Her professional existence is seemingly a contradiction.

For example, when promoting her latest failed reality show The World According to Paris, she appeared on the Opie & Anthony radio show in an attempt to broaden her demographic. For many of the breast-obsessed fans of the show, it seemed like a natural place for a candid and revealing interview. However the radio hosts and comedian Jim Norton were forbidden from mentioning the subject of the tape. At the time, Lindsay Lohan was going through legal troubles similar to those Hilton faced. When asked by Anthony if she knew what Lindsay was going through, Hilton refused to talk about that as well. Eventually Jim Norton admitted how annoyed he was with her as she scanned the studio looking for her publicist to bail her out of the interview. Oddly enough to fans of the show, the hosts were not being antagonistic or offensive, but were in fact trying to conduct a real interview that might make their rabid fans, known as Pests, interested in something beyond her sex tape and troubles with the law by addressing it directly, then moving on. When Norton asked about something in the show, rather than talk about that she suggested that he watch the show to find out the answer. She offered nothing and finally the fed-up hosts ended the interview.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Hilton loves small dogs, and lives with a Yorkshire Terrier and a female Chihuahua named Tinkerbell among many other pets. Hilton is frequently seen carrying Tinkerbell (dubbed an "accessory dog") at social events and functions, and in all five seasons of television reality show The Simple Life. | Paris Hilton, Dog, Reality, Celebrity,

Paris Hilton has made her career about of being in the public eye and having her life documented by paparazzi, reality TV cameras, and documentarians. Yet, it is her own carefully constructed reality that she wishes to present. Her fans and those who cared little for her are both tired of her CEO-by-day, party-girl-by-night personality that she has created for herself. Her brand earns tens, maybe hundreds of millions of dollars and so she can't afford to have a real moment. This is why the media delights in catching her drinking, falling out of her dress, or using slurs and bad language. It's obvious that there is some kind of person in there, but perhaps she has been buried by managers, image consultants, and publicists. For now, she persists ' currently she attempted to DJ at a music festival in Brazil and critics are panning her skills as abysmal. She will never fade away wholly from the culture, because she was born from it. No matter how irrelevant she may seem, we're still writing about her.

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