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Leif Gantvoort

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Leif Gantvoort
Leif Gantvoort
Leif was born in Tampa, Florida, but at the age of 5 moved with his family to South Dakota. He went to college and upon graduation spent many years traveling around the mid-west working for numerous theatre companies. In 1997, he made the move to LA. In 2001, he married his wife Amy, and in 2005, they had their daughter Gabrielle. Boom. Done. | Photo: LeifGantvoort.com | Leif Gantvoort, Spiderman, Actor, Tattoo,

The Amazing Spiderman

Leif Gantvoort is honored and excited to join the impressive cast of the much-anticipated THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, in theatres July 3. Gantvoort co-stars as the villainous street thug "Glasses" who creates major havoc. Leif recently starred in the horror film Last Stop alongside Mena Suvari and Brian Austin Green, slated for release in 2012. The independent award winning feature film Lunatics, Lovers, and Poets earned him a nomination for "Best Lead Actor in a Feature" at Method Fest. Leif also starred in the acclaimed Korean film Welcome to Dongmakgol, which swept South Korea's Grand Bell Awards. Leif has appeared on numerous television series, most recently Revenge, Justified, Desperate Housewives, and Death Valley (MTV).

Leif is the co-creator of the prestigious ACME Comedy Theatre's bi-monthly production "Hollywood Saturday Night". Taking full reign of the comedic production, Leif writes, directs, produces and sometimes stars in what he calls, "a little miracle." In the vein of SNL, the show features celebrity guest stars including Jorge Garcia, John Hawkes, Matthew Lillard, Lea Thompson, and Robert Forster. The show is also broadcast live and can be seen on the theatre's website, HollywoodSaturdayNight.com.

As a writer, Leif's stage plays have been critically acclaimed. His docu-drama Mark on Society, based on the mass murderer Charles Whitman, was on the sort list for the Garland Awards. The web series he co-created The Family Curse won "Best New Pilot" from Indie Intertube earlier this year, and his film Hyte was nominated for "Best Short Film" at Shocker Fest. His newest comedic screenplay Surprise Wedding, which is based on his own true life events of throwing a "surprise wedding" for his wife, will go into production in late 2012 through Gold Rush Pictures.

Another of his artistic endeavors is that of production. Leif's first job in Los Angeles was creating sets for Santa Monica City College's theatre department, and later for playhouses across Los Angeles. He has earned two LA Weekly Awards for his lighting design work. Leif also co-founded the popular sketch group "Artists on the Verge." The troop performed in bars, thus dubbing themselves the city's first and only The Libation Theatre Company.

Born in Tampa, Florida and raised in Clear Lake, South Dakota, Leif was active in theatre in his middle and high school years; he was also the drum major in his high school marching band. In high school Leif was invited to Washington DC to perform his award winning play before Congress based on the life of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Leif was granted an acting and music scholarship to Doane College in Crete, Nebraska. While at Doane he received acting and scenic design awards form The American College Theatre Festival, created the school's first class for filmmakers, and conducted the Pep Band.

On a lark, Leif decided to take the application exam for the high IQ society Mensa. He is now a proud member and is elated to be a part of the society, as it serves as a great topic of conversation. Leif resides in Los Angeles with his wife Amy and six year old daughter Gabrielle, who stars in the popular award winning web series, The Guild.

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