Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh
Daniel Tosh
Daniel Dwight Tosh (born May 29, 1975) is an American stand-up comedian. He hosts the Comedy Central television show Tosh.0. Tosh has participated in several fundraising events, such as a show for the family of comedian Greg Giraldo and for Alabama disaster relief. | Photo: Getty Images | Daniel Tosh, Comedian, Comedy Central, Youtube, Skinny,

The Choice of Material

If you are a high profile person, it is important that you do watch what you say and do. This is especially necessary if you are a popular person and have a large following. It is often important not to say things that you might regret, even if you are a comedian. People tend to remember the ugly and negative as opposed to the positive and good that you do.

Daniel Tosh is a well-known comedian who has a large following and hosts the Comedy Central television show. His unfortunate statement about: "how rape jokes are always funny" got him into some hot water. Even though there is a valid explanation for it and a given context, some things are best left unsaid.

Rape in itself is not something to joke about and this applies to both men and women. It is also not necessary for a comedian of stature to resort to such types of jokes, even if you are heckled. You are to be in control of your material at all times and not allow hecklers to heckle you into submission.

The fact that Mr Tosh apologised with explanation does mean that he is not really sorry and would therefore be bound to overstep any boundary he wishes again. Great comedians can create great material and improvise with respect without abusing anyone in their audiences. It is important therefore to learn from mistakes so that it is not repeated.

No woman (or man) should accept jokes about rape. It is too a horrific action against another human being to be made light of. Hence, you should, as a comedian, follow suit with the rest of the world to not use this as material for your shows. There is no excuse for it.

A question one could throw at Daniel is: What if the five men indeed got up and raped the woman? What would he have done? What could he have done? It is not something one would want to think about, but it could have been a statement that could have provoked this to happen.

The best advice is to ' as mentioned before ' prepare your material and anticipate reactions and heckling so that your material can in fact be funny and enjoyed at the same time. This means that you have to include your entire audience ' men and women. It is in fact not a funny matter, but a very serious matter.

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