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Farhana Qazi

Farhana Qazi

Farhana Qazi
Farhana Qazi
Analyst, writer, lecturer, and terrorism expert, Farhana Qazi (formerly Ali) searches for the truth in forbidding landscapes. Her expertise bridges several realms, coming from her years working in the national security field and her personal life experience within Muslim communities. | Photo: AND Magazine | Farhana Qazi, Counterterrorism, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Women In War, Muslim,

An American counterterrorism consultant

Story-telling is a lost art. And yet, it is the most powerful way to connect and communicate with people.

An Insider from Multiple Perspectives: I am a Texan-Punjabi-Muslim American woman. Because of my diverse background, I am an American who strives to impart truth and understanding about the dynamics of terrorism, Muslims in America, and women in war.

As an American and a Muslim, I am able to straddle the seemingly contradictory worlds of East and West. In my quest for knowledge, I travel to places off-the-beaten-path to understand how communities are brutally affected by violence. In particular, the ever-popular and often-invisible stories of women in war fuel my passion for writing'and reporting from Kashmir, Pakistan, and Iraq.

For over a decade, I have been helping people rethink assumptions and assertions about women in war. Trying to answer the oft-repeated question "Why do women kill or protest?" requires an understanding of culture, religion, history, and men. After all, women rarely act alone. Nor do Muslim women kill or protest out-of-context.

I am a graduate of The George Washington University, where I studied political violence and the ideological roots of terrorism. There are important distinctions between them. Thus, no two conflicts in the Islamic world are alike. I hope my research on the social and psychological dimensions of war will inform the international community.

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