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Pigeons on a statue
Pigeons on a statue
Pigeons and doves constitute the bird clade Columbidae, that includes some 310 species. They are stout-bodied birds with short necks, and have short, slender bills with fleshy ceres. Doves feed on seeds, fruits, and plants. | Photo: | Pigeon, Statue, Art, Nude, Bird, Flight, Feathers, Religion,

Self-proclaimed righteous will have a front row in hell.

Not only a novel by H.G. Wells, men like gods is a fallible notion that is still venerated in modern society. Prophets, popes, soothsayers and figure heads opt for self-righteous divinity in a bid to win over the consensus.

The self-proclaimed righteous are spurious in their claims, holding as much fairy dust as a self-professed clairvoyant palm reader. Nothing is more conceited and egotistical as hearing one person express a righteous claim in the name of divinity. Jesus dying for our alleged sins is condescending-the idea that we are all inculcated with fear and grief, being born sinners is both subservient and preemptive. Being nailed to a cross was standard practice at the time with many other men being subjected to similar torture for perceived ill-doing; Jesus is a no more than a glorified politician.

It is factual that Muhammad was a pedophile (he courted Aisha when she was 6 and married her when she was 9-he was in his 50s). Muhammad was also a misogynist, which is manifested in the fourth Sura of the Koran; this is also clear through the treatment of women in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan etc. The fact that Muhammad's revelation was considered divine allows a deluded Wally to build an entire empire upon a warped belief system (he was purportedly visited by the angel Gabriel, whilst fasting for weeks-including the lack of water, on a mountain top). Joseph Smith, the shrewd business leader of the Mormon Church, was convicted of being an impersonator for financial gain in 1826 in Bainbridge, New York. The Book of Mormon is a fragmented facsimile of the Koran and doesn't even have the same historical clout-being created in the 19th century. Joseph Smith's divine claims and charm allowed him a lot of leverage in regard to his unscrupulous nature and laughable plagiarism. Joseph Smith was really just a charlatan who had read the Koran. The list could go on. Even with their foibles and gravely immoral behavior, these righteous figure heads escape scrutiny due to their self-righteous, divine claims. It is often paradoxical how much the self-righteous can get away with: slavery, genital mutilation, honor killings, delegated terrorism (fatwa's), subjugation, monetary gain with little effort (Rick Warren and Saddleback church-I wish municipal libraries were as fancy as your church is), fascist theocracy and finally: the true abandonment of being fully enlightened and entranced with one's only life, instead honoring and slaving away veneration and self-pitying prayer in attempt to ameliorate obfuscation-overly anticipating a false utopia in the high heavens. Only a divine mandate could allow for such atrocities to occur with the self-righteous pulling all the strings. Human nature in its most unadulterated form wouldn't want to cut the foreskin off a child, unless it medically benefited the child (instead of the ode to the silly Abraham sacrificial ceremony).

Even in recent times, during South Africa's apartheid, your self-righteous religious elite vindicated and enabled such a disturbing segregation. The Dutch Reformed Church played an integral role during apartheid times in South Africa up until the early 90s. The Dutch Reformed Church was the most influential religious organization at the time with various Prime Ministers and elitist groups being members (BBC 1997). Years later, the church then decided that it was a sin for such segregation to transpire-issuing a tardy apology. Divinity and self-righteous egomaniacs can escape the muddiest acts of inhumanity with a widespread apology and an invitation that espouses pseudo egalitarian lunch time snacks.

Looking toward a greater, omniscient being for some kind of thwarted responsibility allows one to expunge one's responsibility for themselves; ultimately consigning your humanity to a divine vindication of age old black magic rhetoric. The self-righteous religious figure heads can control people up to the point of fundamentalism and beyond the point of reason. If intellectual poverty and unswerving deference toward megalomaniacs doesn't dissuade you, then perhaps the biblically blithering vacuums have sucked up your human conditions. If you haven't met God yet, then allow me to flourish you both with perfunctory introductions:
Bertie Wooster, this is Jeeves;
Jeeves, Bertie Wooster.*

*For those of you unfamiliar with the P.G. Wodehouse series, Bertie Wooster is one of the central characters who hires Jeeves as his 'gentlemen's personal gentlemen'. Bertie Wooster is a part of the upper class, but is clueless when faced with various scenarios; resulting in a queer role reversal, whereby Jeeves becomes central to solving each and every issue in Bertie's life-including what color suit to wear.

BBC News (1997) Despatches: Africa. BBC News, UK.

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