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Here I am, in a similar situation again, writing about a celebrity who is an Ambassador for an important foundation. I have written about Greg Grunberg and his "Talk About It!" Foundation, which led me to also learn about Alicia Keys and her affiliation with "Keep a Child Alive", as well as Jenny McCarthy's involvement with "Generation Rescue". I also wrote an article about Amber Valletta's role with "Oceana" and discovered I'm drawn to celebrities who use their position to help bring about change in our world.

I often wonder what inspires me to write about certain people and in these cases, I've discovered it's my own yearning to do what they do, in regards to their involvement with important organizations. If I were in a position where I was able to donate time or money, or both, to a foundation, I would jump at the opportunity. If every person were to do a little bit of good in this world, it would definitely be a better place. I try to do what I can in my own little way, but I wish I could do so much more, so as I learn about what other people are doing, it inspires me to find more ways I can offer my time within the community. I've now come across another celebrity who is involved with an interesting foundation.

The celebrity I'm writing about this time is Molly Sims, who I've learned is an Ambassador for "Operation Smile". If you don't know, "Operation Smile" is an international non-profit organization, founded in 1982, that is made up of volunteer medical experts that provide free cleft palate and cleft lip reconstructive surgery for children in over 60 countries. By looking around the "Operation Smile" website (http://www.operationsmile.org/), I discovered that a child is born with some type of cleft condition, which can impede drinking or eating, every three minutes. The surgeries the organization offers sometimes take as little as 45 minutes and make a world of difference for these children. To date, Operation Smile has provided reconstructive surgery to over 150,000 children and young adults all over the world. I am sure once Molly learned about the prevalence of cleft palates and lips, as well as the impact they have on the lives of effected children, it inspired her to become an Ambassador for this organization.

In 2006, Molly co-hosted Operation Smile's "The Smile Collection" in New York with Billy Bush and the following year she travelled to Lima, Peru, to take part in a medical mission there. As cited on the website, mentioned above, Molly commented that, "'this experience with Operation Smile in Peru touched our hearts and made us realize how truly lucky we are, and how lucky these people are to have Operation Smile in their lives". I would love to be involved with an incredible, life-changing mission like this one and appreciate the people who give of themselves unselfishly, to help others.

Molly isn't only involved with Operation Smile, but has a long list of foundations she supports and gives her time to. One of those foundations is "PSI" which helps to improve the lives of people in developing countries, particularly focusing on the severe conditions such as malnutrition, diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia, which effect many children under five years of age. Molly was an Ambassador for that foundation and also starred in a PSA to help raise awareness about one of their causes. If you want to find out more about this organization, its mission and the amazing work they do, you can check out their website (http://www.psi.org/). You can also see what other celebrities like Ashley Judd, Mandy Moore and Anna Kournikova are doing to help this important foundation.

The list of foundations Molly has been affiliated with is quite long, including UNICEF, The Art of Elysium, Friends of El Faro, Alzheimer's Association, among quite a few others. Knowing that Molly Sims, a model, actress, wife and mother (of the cutest little boy, Brooks), finds time to be an ambassador to various foundations, travel on missions, attend fundraising galas, all in the name of good, makes me feel very positive about where our world is heading. We too often hear of the dark, negative and terrible events in our world, so remembering that there are still good people, amazing organizations and help for those who need it, should bring some comfort to all. Now, if only we can get (and keep) the majority of the people in our world helping, rather than hindering, we'll be on the right track! Let's all strive to add some of Molly Sims' moments into our lives; let this be your own, personal, Operation Smile mission - to help others and bring a smile to the face of everyone you meet or know!

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